Friday, December 04, 2009

Catch the bastards!

I don't agree with Max du Preez that you don't have a right to shoot an armed robber.

But I do agree that
Mbalula is a slapgat ANC oxygen thief.


by Max du Preez

It is very tempting to shout “shoot the bastards!” with our cheap populist of a deputy minister of police if you had just been a victim of a violent crime.

It is as tempting to abandon a long-held view that guns are evil and dangerous and to get a firearm for the next time the bastards come around.

I know. I have just experienced two break-ins and an armed robbery at my new home. All three incidents happened in a ten day period.

One’s view of crime and criminals tends to change rather drastically once you had a thug point a revolver at your face in your own home.

One tends to take it very personally.

I have now had time to turn my home into Fort Knox with alarm systems, security beams, security gates and an armed response company ready to pounce.

But after two weeks I still wake up at the slightest sound in the middle of the night, grab the hammer next to my bed and storm through the house.

I truly hate the bastards who disregarded my and my family’s rights to safety and privacy and violated the sanctity of our home.

I am still jittery after two weeks, but I have also calmed down sufficiently to think rationally about what happened.

'I have no doubt that I would have shot him'

I am very happy I didn’t have a firearm when I surprised the burglar carrying my flat screen TV to the street.

I have no doubt that I would have shot him. If I hit him, he would have been dead. If I had missed, I would probably have been shot dead.

I didn’t deserve to die. The horrible thug bastard deserved to go to jail, but he also didn’t deserve to die.

Breaking in and stealing a TV set - even pointing a firearm - doesn’t warrant the death penalty.

If I had killed him, he would now be gone, but I would have to live with killing someone I knew nothing about for the rest of my life.

What really pisses me off is that the thug bastard is not going to be caught, and he knows it.

He knows it and I know it because the police isn’t even trying to catch him.

Not even an armed robbery warrants an investigation by Deputy Minister Fikile Mbalula’s fierce police force.

Why would he stop?

The investigating officer in my three cases did not interview anyone in my street, not even the known criminal everyone suspects.

He didn’t even walk around my house or to the open veld across the street to look for discarded property or other clues. I found several of my stolen articles there the next day.

He didn’t go to any of the pawn shops in my neighbourhood, not even the shady ones, to ask whether someone had tried to sell my very distinctive i-pod docking station. I know because I asked them.

So beware, the young man who pointed his gun at me and robbed me of most of my valuables could be lurking near your house, ready to do the same to you. Why would he stop if he is never going to be caught?

Mbalula’s policemen meanwhile are shooting little kids in the head, because their political bosses are telling them to shoot first and worry about consequences later.

If only Mbalula would get on his populist horse with a new slogan: Catch the bastards!

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Anonymous said...

It's partly because of attitudes like Max's that South Africa is the cess pit it is. The criminal has violated his and his family's home, space, and rights, the criminal would not have thought twice about pulling that trigger. Nor should Maxy boy have if he had, had a gun.

Man up South Africans and do what is required otherwise you will be refugees in your own country!

Dachshund said...

Not everyone wants to partake in a shoot out in their home. It's a bugger getting the blood stains out of the carpets and an even worse mess if you miss, as Maxie points out.

We have the right to a police force that functions. The ANC must be held to account for this state of affairs, not law abiding citizens like Max du Preez.

Anonymous said...

Dachshund, I get you aI really do mate, but you of all people a blogger on a blog site that knows how fricking incompetent your government and police force are have yourselves to defend yourselves.

Agreed it is your right for your government to protect you. However if you think long and hard, they're not actually your government, they're the kaffirs government ;-) They couldn't give two fucks about you poor okes.

It's a catch 22 but in that situation I'd have pulled the trigger nice and easy... Would stop the bastard from coming back wih his buddies that's for sure. Even if he was apprehended, no chance he'd see the inside of a cell long enough to forget your address.

What I'm trying to get across is the white man cares too much about other peoples rights and not his own.

Exzanian said...

Poor Max "I have just experienced two break-ins and an armed robbery at my new home. All three incidents happened in a ten day period"
Sheesh, when is he going to get the message? This will happen to you bru, get out of SA already mate, or give away all your valuables and move into a tin shack. Stupid liberal asshole...

Dachshund said...

How to Remove Blood Stains

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All you need is cold water and good old fashioned soap. Liquid soap is easiest, but bar soap works as well.

Simplest Method

1. Using only COLD water dampen the stain.
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3. When the blood is nearly gone just throw the garment in a normal wash.

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5. Rinse in cold water and repeat until the stain is gone. Do not use hot water. Hot water makes the stain set in.
6. If the hand washing with soap does not immediately get the blood out, pour ammonia straight on most items of clothing--it will NOT damage the fabric like bleach will. It will not fade your clothes unless the dye in the fabric is not permanent or tie dyed or batik.
7. The blood stain will magically disappear.

Exzanian said...

Dach, you got me rolling on the floor!!!!! Homely advice from Mrs Beeton's "Household Management tips for everyday mishaps in SA"

Dachshund said...

I can imagine the scene where the husband drags the dead body or bodies onto the bakkie to go dump in a ditch somewhere and the wife is left to clean up the blood stains.

Being a typical South African she refuses to do this herself for fear of HIV infection so she calls the maid from the servants' quarters to clean up.

Or maybe she really is a new white Saffer tropper so she rolls up her sleeves, puts on rubber gloves and gets the job done.

However you look at it, it's always a woman who has to deal with the blood stains.

Marwinsing said...

Max du Preez will die a die hard liberal and likely through the hand of a black criminal the way his recent luck has been going. He's playing Russian roulette with himself, like a male version of Amy Biehl. Be careful Maxie because it's coming...

Dachshund said...

Being a liberal or conservative has nothing to do with your chances of being robbed in your home.

The point is that the police aren't doing their job.

We all know this by now, but it's still extremely kak to move into a new home and be hit 3 times in a row within 10 days.

If you want to call ordinary people who don't walk around with chainsaws liberals and wish them a nasty death then please go to ... no wait, that blog doesn't exist anymore.

There is always another place you can go to, though.

Viking said...

I think I could live with killing somebody when I knew I had saved the lives of myself and my family. After all, it was he who forced me to make the choice, not I.

Dachshund said...

So could I, Viking, but it's not an easy choice to have to make. You live with that decision for the rest of your life. But if you have to defend yourself and your family, then so be it.


Max is one of the guys that would certainly not be missed by me. It was liberal wusses of his calibre that made todays situation in South Africa possible. Time for a pay back ? Is the Rainbow miracle breathing down your neck Max?

Vanilla Ice said...

@Dachs. It was a decision I took back in the day, as a Brixton lad. It didn't bother me at the time, and doesn't really now. Except, I do spend some time reflecting, and going over the sequence of events. The incident becomes eternally etched on the brain.