Friday, December 04, 2009

Cape Heritage Alliance March

This from the Cape Independence Movement.

This past Saturday saw a march by the Cape Heritage Alliance to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Slaves...

Adrian Kay of the Cape Party reports:

“Recognize your slave heritage” was the message from Former UWC Rector Prof. Richard Van Der Ross, who spoke at the Cape Heritage Alliance march on Saturday 28th November 2008.

Just under 200 people marched through the Cape Town city centre, alongside colorful minstrel bands. The event celebrated the 175th anniversary of the liberation of slaves at the cape. Although the official date of emancipation is December 1st the City Council had insisted that no public marches take place 7 days before the FIFA World Cup Finals Draw in Cape Town this Saturday.

Van der Ross, who has authored numerous books on slave and Cape history impressed on the young to remember their roots in slavery “Coloured people as well as many white people have slave heritage” said the 88 year old former South African ambassador to Spain.

The Cape Heritage Alliance handed over a memorandum to the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, calling on December 1st and Twede Nuwe Jaar to be made a public holiday. The memorandum also called for a renewed emphasis on slavery in education at both secondary and tertiary level, in addition to demands that slave history be told accurately in museums. The Cape Heritage Alliance had noted with dismay that the Slave Lodge Museum in Adderly Street was effectively a government propaganda machine.

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