Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Canadian couple stabbed, robbed

A Canadian couple hiking in Hermanus were stabbed before being robbed, Western Cape police said today.

Inspector November Filander said two men stoned, stabbed and robbed the couple, a 59-year-old man and a 57-year-old woman, of their jewellery and digital cameras on Tuesday morning.

A group of hikers found the couple tied up with their shoe laces and rushed them to hospital in a serious condition.

Police helicopters searched the area, but did not find the robbers.

3 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Tourists should investigate the country they plan to visit before they book a flight. White's should stay away from South Afriica - it is too dangerous!

Anonymous said...

I agree, anon. They come here so trustingly with their cameras and cellphones and are no match for the filth doing the rounds.

I fear for SA during and after the WC because of the violent crime against foreigners first, and the capital flight afterwards.

Anonymous said...

In contrast, here's a reverse good news story of a South African family being allowed to remain here in Canada.

Read HERE.