Thursday, December 24, 2009

Canada's CBC Reports on Hermanus Stabbings

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Canadian Couple Stabbed, Robbed

The CBC news report can be found here.

Some of the comments are worth posting here.

sazook wrote:
2)Those two got extremely lucky to have a Doctor when they got to the hospital....[most South African doctors now practice in Canada]

Cancit2 wrote:
First, I am sorry for the victims, I hope they recover quickly.
Second, for the other people who are writing comments. AFRICA is a continent, South Africa is a country on the continent of Africa, along with 52 other countries.
Third, crime is everywhere, I have been to South Africa about 15 times and never had an issue. Yes, it is dangerous, but so is LA, New York, and various other places.

Tarsand wrote:
Much of Africa is a disgrace to itself. It cannot feed it's population, health care isn't even a concept, unless witch doctors count, supersticion is almost as rampant as aids. Then the dictators of the place show up in Copenhagen and demand funding from the west. Are there no farms, are there no factories, well, there used to be, why has the workers hard hat been replaced with the politicians begger bowl? The best thing that could happen to much of Africa allready is, becoming colonial posessions of China.

NewmarketNDPer wrote:
Some South Afrikaners told me that if anyone dares to ride a bicycle after dark (like one can do in Toronto or Taipei) they would most likely be robbed and raped since this activity is like a sport down there! The really bad new is that South Africa seems to be setting up a sort of Green Zone for tourists who come in for the World Cup. Anyone stepping outside it is tiger meat.

Hamilton77 wrote:
The difference between SA crime and Canadian crime is the sheer MAGNITUDE ( !!! ) of it. You, like many comfy and out-of-touch people KNOW NOTHING of the realities in SA. Nothing.

I guess you think that people in Europe who complain about Islamist violence against Europeans / Jews / Women / Police....etc. is Racism - !

There are plenty more, and it looks as though this has been a great opportunity to spread the truth about life in South Africa, with the help of the many expats who live in Canada. It looks like this even will do no harm to Brandon Huntley's case either!

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