Thursday, December 24, 2009

Britain Pays Foreign Criminals to Go Home

This is becoming a trend, see these posts on Ireland and Denmark.

Good or Bad? You can decide.


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Foreign criminals are being sent home with £500 cash as part of a taxpayer-funded package

FOREIGN criminals are being sent home with £500 cash as part of a taxpayer-funded package worth up to £5,000.

As well as the standard £46 given to everyone released from a British prison, foreign inmates who agree to be deported will be given cashcards loaded with £454 to use once they are sent home.

The extra payment has been introduced as part of support packages – which some critics are calling bribes – worth up to £5,000 to help offenders start businesses or train in their own countries.

The generous payouts were last night condemned as it emerged British pensioners will be receiving a £10 Christmas bonus this year – the same as they got when the payment was introduced nearly 40 years ago.

The £5,000 payouts sparked fresh outrage at hard-pressed taxpayers being forced to foot the bill not only for housing foreigners who enter Britain under Labour’s lax immigration rules and then commit crimes, but for sending them home to make new lives for themselves.

Shadow Justice Secretary Dominic Grieve said: “It is bad enough that Gordon Brown lost control of our borders and has let thousands of foreign criminals into the country.

“Now we learn foreign prisoners are being given cashcards loaded with hundreds of pounds of taxpayers’ money.

“The lesson is clear – under Labour, crime does pay and the taxpayer foots the bill.”

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, added: “It’s a disgrace that we bribe foreign criminals to go home at all. They should be deported immediately.

“The fact that we also give them a hefty cash bonus will rightly anger the law-abiding taxpayers who are footing the bill for this hare-brained scheme.

“This sort of treatment is financially and morally unjustifiable when ordinary people are struggling to make ends meet.’’

Details of the cashcard scheme were given to Parliament in a written answer by Immigration Minister Phil Woolas.

It applies to foreign offenders who are removed from the UK under the Facilitated Return Scheme, which he said accounted for about a third of the 5,295 deported last year.

The scheme lets non-European foreign prisoners volunteer to return to their home countries rather than wait to be deported by the UK Border Agency. The Agency believes offering a greater amount of the support in cash encourages more foreign convicts to take up the offer of going home voluntarily.

Those eligible include people who have finished their sentences and are being detained solely under immigration rules.

It includes those who qualify for the Early Removal Scheme and leave before completing their sentences as well as non-Europeans from countries with which the UK has a prisoner transfer arrangement.

Mr Woolas said: “Foreign nationals removed under this scheme will receive the equivalent of a discharge grant payable to British prisoners, which is £46.

“This is paid on departure from the UK. In addition to this, a further sum of £454 on a pre-paid card will be given on departure which is for use on arrival in the home country.” The cashpoint cards can be used by the former convicts within three months of returning home.

They are part of a package worth up to £3,000 for those who volunteer to go home at the end of their sentences or up to £5,000 for those who have served minimum tariffs and apply to leave before completing their jail terms.

Housing foreign criminals for crimes including murder and rape has cost the public £3.4billion since Labour came to power in 1997.

The number of foreign nationals held in the overcrowded prisons of England and Wales has doubled in the last 10 years and they represent more than 14 per cent of inmates.

Last month the Daily Express revealed how taxpayers face a bill of more than £3.4million to encourage foreign criminals to go home.

The number taking up the offer of support in exchange for leaving has soared more than 60 per cent in the last year.

The payments are being made despite pledges by Prime Minister Gordon Brown to kick out law-breaking foreigners automatically.

Last year, 1,350 foreign criminals used the Facilitated Return Scheme, getting assistance worth an average of £2,500.

Mr Woolas last night insisted: “It saves money because foreign criminals are removed from jail or immigration detention, often before their sentence ends.

“Every day we can get them out of the country early saves taxpayers more than £100 a night in detention costs. Last year we removed a record 5,400 foreign national prisoners.”

Officials stressed that the amounts paid depended on each prisoner’s circumstances.

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Exzanian said...

Next year, we are going to vote out this socialist labour government.

Anonymous said...

On the one hand it's cheaper to get rid of this scum by sending them out of the country with some tax money (unless they return as refugees later?)- on the other hand, the poor pensioners got 10 pounds bonus for Christmas. Shows you how they treat their aged. If you can't treat your aged with respect then you don't treat anyone with respect.

Anonymous said...

Let me completely clear about one "small" point: this Big Lie about the Labour Govt "losing control" of the UK's borders. They never lost control at all; every single immigrant came in with the express knowledge and indeed permission of the authorities. Nothing else was possible.

This "loss of control" idea is to make us believe this error (an understatement) was an act of omission, not what it really was, and is, a deliberate act of comission. The main opposition parties are equally to blame since they have done next to nothing to stop it. So they are all positioning themselves to get off the hook, because they know that mass immigration is not supported by the electorate, and will become increasingly unpopular as the true reality becomes impossible to paper over. They will do all they can to make it look like a natural disaster, eg like floods or hurricanes, that the Govt genuinely has no control over.

It is just a subtle little ploy in a Very Big Lie. Watch out for the language; they all go to a special school where they learn to "lie with more conviction than they tell the truth".


Anonymous said...

Why pay criminals to leave Britain? Grab the bastards by the scruff of the neck and boot them straight out with nothing. If they come back then put a bullet between their eyes and dump their corpses out at sea.

Exzanian said...

Anon: 25 December 2009 12:56 PM -
The ruling party carries the can. "Losing control" is as bad for Labour as if they never knew about it, or knew about it and did nothing. In any event, as I say, the system here in the UK is not like in kaffirland. Next year we boot the fuckers out....

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Yeah, giving them pots of money won't encourage them to come back. With their mates. They really don't have a clue about how the third world actually works, do they? :)

h said...

Could this be the start of a US BNP equivalent? I sure hope so and i wish them well. The white people of the US are under attack by South American & other third world immigrants.