Thursday, December 31, 2009

Black polygamy and black male ineptitude two sides of the same coin

According to this vid, black American women have half the chance of getting married as white women because virtually half of black American men are ineligible due to being high school drop outs, jobless or incarcerated.

Now compare this to the marriage rate of black women in Africa, which is even lower. Isn't it predictable, then, that with so few black men being viable spouses, polygamy as practised by Jacob Zuma, would make a come back?

Seen through African eyes it makes sense, although polygamy certainly shouldn't be practised at the expense of taxpayers as we're seeing with certain black politicians and tinpot chieflings.

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Anonymous said...

Social Darwanism? The bad genes dont breed so society overal improves as those who breed are a bit more normal than the rest?

Anonymous said...

Let me just say that I didn't watch the clip. I'm just commenting on Dachs narrative. So basically you're saying that it's understandable for one man to marry how ever many wives he wants to because there are no other viable male candidates for the females?? I can't even start to say why this is so wrong on so many levels. If you as a female are happy to be treated in this demeaning way then so be it. I know I wouldn't be. I'd rather be alone. As Judge Judy says: "you can't be that desperate!"

Viking said...

hmm.... it's correct re: the American context, where black non-incarcerated men can pick and choose and hence don't have to bother getting married, but it's not really applicable to SA, where the criminals are out wandering free.
Plus, I can imagine the majority of immigrants from other African countries are men (they usually are) and so there are probably more black men than women in SA (their death rate is lower too).

In which case polyandry would make more sense. Not that anything in Africa makes sense, so there's your answer..

Anonymous said...

According to Social Darwinism, the useful flourish and the redundant, well, they become redundant. What's wrong with that?

Btw, Viking, there are at least as many female immigrants from Zim as there are male. Check out the waitrons at your local Mugg & Bean, they're predominantly female Zimbos. You can also visit the Central Methodist Church in Joburg and have a chat with Paul Verryn about the number of black females with babies on backs and in bellies taking up his offer of free lodging.

African females have no reason to depend on African males as things stand. Perhaps they find polygamy repugnant, I don't know, but if you fall within a group that is constantly being raped and victimised you might consider becoming part of a "tribe" of wives with a husband who has the means and wherewithal to protect you and punish those who would harm you.

However, I don't think polygamy will become so much of an issue in Africa simply because there are so few black men who could actually give a damn about women one way or another.

By the same token, I don't see a mad rush by women to become polyandrous. What would be the advantage, if most black men are lazy, violent bums?