Monday, November 30, 2009

Bad Bob Blames Sanctions for Failure to Grow Own Food

Another excuse to pass round the begging bowl

Mugabe blasts 'neo-colonialist enemies'


Zimbabwe's "neo-colonialist enemies" want its farmers to fail in order to damn the country's land reforms, President Robert Mugabe charged at the United Nations Hunger Summit on Tuesday.

"We face very hostile interventions by ... states which have imposed unilateral sanctions on us," Mugabe said on the second day of the UN food security summit in Rome.

"This has had a negative impact on our farmers who, according to our neo-colonialist enemies, must fail so as to damn the land reforms we have undertaken," Mugabe said.

The Zimbabwean leader also said climate change has had the "most devastating impact" on food security in Africa, along with inaccessibility of land, the rising costs of agricultural inputs, lack of financing and trade-distorting subsidies paid to farmers in wealthy nations.

Mugabe has defended the land reforms begun in 2000 as a necessary redress to colonial-era imbalances, but the scheme has been plagued by political violence targetting the presidents' opponents.

Since the land reforms were launched, Zimbabwe's agriculture-dependent economy has collapsed and the population has become dependent on international food aid for survival.

About 400 white-owned farms remain in Zimbabwe, with most of the farms resettled by blacks unused, according to the Commercial Farmers' Union representing white farmers.

UN estimates predict that Zimbabwe, once the breadbasket of the southern African region, will produce about 450 000 tonnes of cereals in its next harvest in May, but needs 2,2-million tonnes to feed its people.

"We have also seen a wish to make us dependent on food imports as opposed to enhancing our own capacity for production," Mugabe charged on Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe people still actually listen to the bullshit that spews out of his mouth.


Cry me a river. Just because Grace can't go shopping at Harrods any longer and has to be happy with Hong Kong the farms dont work any longer. Typical desperate coon lies. What is amazing is that the Zimbos have not despatched this sack of fertiliser.

FishEagle said...

Well, provided that the few odd whites left in Zim are not harmed by it, I'm quite happy for Mugabe to show case his spectacularly f*cked up style of governance to the rest of the world. Whites overseas don't believe us when we tell them how it is here in Africa, so let them see for themselves.

Anonymous said...

None of Zimbabwe's neighbourse (SA, Botswana, Namibia) have any sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe and they are Zim's main trading parners.

Bob suffers from that black disease called denialism. He seems to have a severe bout of blame shifting as well.


Zarky said...

When is this guy going to kick the bucket? He is now on the climate change train trying to make a buck or two, which he most probably will get - lol!!!! Donner vrek nou man en kry klaar jy verdien nie om so lank te lewe nie of is dit 'n geval van onkruid vergaan nie!!!

Exzanian said...

It's not Bobby's fault. It all goes back to colonialism. The poor man is a victim. He is rightly applauded by others in Africa for holding out against the neo colonialists for as long as he has. Viva, our hero! Long life Mugabe!
And I am going to shut up now and stop talking shit....