Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar review

I just came back from watching the movie Avatar. I had a lot of expectation after hearing so much about it from friends and the media. The story and special effects certainly didn't disappoint. It was simply marvelous.

Without giving the story away there was an underlying theme that one finds spirituality and wholeness in mother nature, which I agree with wholeheartedly. They selected aspects of our human nature, such as curiosity about plants and animals to highlight this theme. Instead of portraying innovation as another good quality, however, it was portrayed as a weapon that was used for evil intentions. The earth hominids used technology to disturb the natural balance and tried to conquer planet Pandora.

Recently we've had numerous discussions about the global warming threat and we gave you updates on the developments at the Copenhagen summit over the past week. The timing of the movie isn't incidental because now is a time that we need to reflect on the status of our environment and the impact that man is having on our planet. It certainly feels like our planet is a "dying planet," which is how Earth is described in the movie. But we will never overcome the threat of global warming unless we used our innovation and technology.

Now is not a time for the First World to panic and shut their eyes in the face of danger by claiming a pseudo spirituality, as if trying to rediscover the innocence of life as seen through the eyes of the pygmies in the rain forest. We will rediscover hope, faith and other aspects of spirituality when there are solutions to our environmental problems. Science and technology will lead us to rediscover our spirituality. It's the only way forward and shouldn't be perceived as a hindrance.

Note: As an after thought, it was quite ironic that it was technology that allowed the producers to portray such wonder and beauty in a movie.

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Anonymous said...

I thought you may consider this for your Tuesday toot.Its a golden oldie but may have some meaning for the 1 million or so expats at this time of year.

Dachshund said...

I'm only getting around to watching District 9 on dvd tomorrow. There aren't any cinemas where I live.

There's less crime though. I'll take your word for Avatar being light escapism, FE, and wait for it to get to our local dvd rental shop in a month or so. You can even buy popcorn to go with the dvd.

FishEagle said...

@Dach, I know how one needs to make sacrifices when living the good life in a small town, like sacrificing movies on the big screen, or being able to go and buy chocolates late at night when the craving strikes you :)

You seem to be well set up though, pop corn and all. Enjoy!