Thursday, December 03, 2009

Au Revoir and Farewell

Sent to VI via email.

This will be my final post on the blog I Luv SA But I Hate My Government.

After almost two years of hard blogging (slogging?) and several thousand posts by me, it is time to bid you farewell. It has been an interesting experience to say the least and invaluable. I have made contact with very decent people and some not so decent as a fellow blogger’s latest posts attest. They were not the only ones.

My schedule is such that it has become impossible to maintain the pace and frankly the motivation has been lacking for some months now. I am happily ensconced in my new home and South Africa is becoming a remote memory. Nothing that happens there affects me.

My motivation for the blog was both altruistic and selfish. I wanted to stay in touch with my wonderful people and culture, while sharing notes with people undergoing the same difficult transition to their new lives. It didn’t hurt that while doing that I would reveal the horrible truth about a truly heinous regime. I needed closure and I got it. I needed to give the regime a piece of my mind and I got that too.

I did not set out to target a race. It just so happens that a particular race dominates the regime so individuals of that race would invariably come in for more clobbering. Had the regime been predominantly white, brown, or yellow, I would have acted the same. I am an equal opportunity hater of all politicians fullstop. I aimed to tackle the actions of individuals, not their skin hue. I have always maintained that not every black is your enemy and not every white is your ally. Remember that. In this fight of your lives seek out allies and take them from wherever you can find them.

Whatever the format of the blog, I wanted it to be respectable enough that you would feel comfortable forwarding it to your grandmother. As it is, my young son often reads the blog and I was happy to let him do so.

I would have liked it to become a community blog, a forum where concerned South Africans inside South Africa and in the Diaspora could debate, scream, vent, whatever. The blog was not about me, I was merely the facilitator. It was not about any one person’s ego, it was about all of us. What image we put out there reflects on ALL of us. It belonged rightfully to all of us and my hope was always that someone would run with it when I decided to hang up my keyboard. If that doesn’t happen then there are other excellent blogs working tirelessly in the effort against the regime. Give them your support.

Blogging is a brutal business but it should never become personal. Always check your ego at the door and always be prepared to stand your ground. You can’t win every argument, you can’t win every fight. If you have to disagree, why not do it amicably?

I hope I have maintained a civilised manner throughout my time. We did not set out to be sensational and controversial and we did try to entertain. Many people who dealt with me in private will attest that despite any disagreements, ideological or otherwise, I always tried to be civil. The blog was not about me and it was pointless picking issues with strangers on the web.

South Africans are facing dire times. You have serious problems now and more coming over the horizon. You need to unite and you need to do it now. If not, leave the country because you will be swallowed up by the evil that is about to be unleashed in that country. Your only hope, really, if you can’t leave, is each other, because the outside world - ask anyone who lives outside the country - knows absolutely nothing about the havoc taking place in South Africa and even if they did know, they don’t care.

Blogs like ILSA, Zasucks and many others valiantly trying to get the message out were your only hope. The mainstream media will continue to downplay the problems, you’ve all seen it, that won’t change.

Don’t be harsh on us bloggers for getting it wrong. None of us are professionals at this. We have other vocations. Also don’t be overly critical of people like Bert and Neels Oosthuizen, they at least stuck up their hands and tried to do something. Their attacks on us were unnecessary because we never intended any malice towards them and right up to the end I still enjoyed a cordial relationship with Neels Oosthuizen. Why then the sudden hostilities? We had no choice. We had an individual who refused to let things be and somewhere, somehow got the impression that we, us, somebody was out to "get" him. The emails prove my point. No amount of denying on our part was sufficient and so the threats worsened and the only course of action was to let you, the community, be the judges.

But I’m digressing. You see how easily this becomes about personalities? As the American author and best conservative commentator ever William F. Buckley, Jr. used to say, “One can vehemently disagree with a man, and still learn precious things from him.” Indeed. We've all learnt something from each other.

You need to focus people, you need to involve yourselves and you need to spread the word. You need to help yourselves. No one else will. The amount of people who are oblivious to the dangers of South Africa continues to astound me. You need to join a political party, you need to protest to newspaper editors, you need to be organising with your community, you just need to be doing something because sitting around hoping little bloggers like us will do the trick is a mistake.

To quote Buckley again, ““Truth is a demure lady, much too ladylike to knock you on your head and drag you to her cave. She is there, but people must want her, and seek her out.” Grab the situation confronting you by the gonads and yank hard.

I’m off on a well-earned rest. I leave the blog in the capable hands of the remaining moderators and perhaps I will see you in the future.

Au revoir


13 Opinion(s):

AMB said...

Good luck Dobes and alle sterkte met die toekoms.

Anonymous said...

What now? More people running off?

FishEagle said...

Dobes, I'm glad you've found your peace and that you're moving on. South Africans owe you a great deal. You're the best.

Anonymous said...

Dobes. I am going to repeat some our chat we had yesterday, and make it public.

"It is very rare, in fact a luck, to hook up with somebody that is honourable and remains consistent.

We worked well together, and I really enjoyed your "company". It is what kept me coming back, and motivated me to always bring some
value to the blog. I will miss that."

You truly have done a sterling effort at building ILSA, well done. You made it ROCK.

We will endeavour to keep up the effort, but no promises. Check in from time-to-time.

And now folks, business as usual.

Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

Dobes, I don't know how you maintained the pace that you did, you were putting up what, seven, eight posts a day.

You did a great job.

It's good to know that you've fully adapted to your new life in Oz.

However, I'm glad that it's au revoir and not adieu. We'd like you to pop in and have a natter when you feel like it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your hard work - a job well done!

Pensioner said...

Dobes, I am sure going to miss you on this blog, your postings were always interesting and topical. Like you I am also "an equal opportunity hater of all politicians." and I am going to miss your sharp mind and great sense of humour. I am an old man and I am stuck here in the Beautiful Cape and I agree with you that our future here is not going to get better anytime soon. In fact I predict that the wheels will start coming off very soon after the 2010 World Cup that has got everyone here going gaga at the moment. I wish you and your family all the best in Brisbane.

Exzanian said...

All the best Dobes. Rest well, you have been a ball of energy for a long time now. It has taken it's toll. I cast in my lot with ILSA and for what it is worth, I will soldier on with the others.

FishEagle said...

Before I knew Dobes was quitting the blog I sent him the following email a few days ago:

You've always brought up the right goods on the ILSA blog. Everything I ever needed to find the answers has been on the ILSA site. I'm going to risk embarrassing myself here and say I'm in aw of your achievement with the ILSA site. It's inspirational, to say the least

Viking said...

You will be sorely missed, mate.
The negativity can sure take its toll, but be assured we will soldier on as ExZanian says.
Drop in any time you like :)

Angulus Calx said...

Nee maggies, dit gaan nie werk nie...
En dit nadat jy my ingelok het...!

Best of luck. I can understand the pressure.

Myself sit with this "small" little problem of trying to balance my time so that I can at least read the blog once a day, let alone posting something.

I for one, will miss your level headed approach displayed in your postings.

Keep in touch.

Islandshark said...

Dobes, this is a sad day. It's very sad to see you go, but I am also very thankful for what you have created and your enormous efforts over the last couple of years to expose the truth.

Your leadership has been exemplary - whatever your opinion and however strongly you stood up for it, you remained a gentleman in allowing opposing opinions.

I am not surprised that you have reached this decision though. The sheer volume of your contributions was staggering. The quality of information was mind-blowing. I don't know how you did it.

Words really fail to relay my appreciation for allowing me to be part of this wonderful thing you created. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed and also learnt from ILSA and from you.

My only wish is that you truly enjoy the "retirement" with your family. OK, two wishes then - that I am one day able to meet one of the true heroes of my time face-to-face!

All the best, Dobes...

Max said...

Well done thanks for your commitment and hard work you will be missed, it's like loosing an ally, one less soldier by our side. But may many follow where you have left off, and may your spark turn into a forest fire.