Monday, December 07, 2009

Apartheid companies ‘must pay’

Only 5 companies are listed. Does this mean that only these 5 will be targeted? I don’t thinks so.

There are many companies worldwide that has to look at this with some worry, and here I can think of the European and Japanese companies that made a lot of money during the sanction years.

The whole world is to be punished for the sins of the whites……


JOHANNESBURG - The Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) wants multi-national corporations who benefited from the apartheid regime to pay the price for their complicity.

“Our decision rests on the belief that the apartheid system was based on the white South African minority striving to secure a cheap and pliant workforce to reap the benefits of the country’s vast natural resources, in particular its mineral wealth,” said Cosatu spokesman Patrick Craven yesterday.

He added: “Our members were thus among the worst affected, and our organisations were at the forefront of the anti-apartheid movement.”

Cosatu will act as amicus curiae (friend of the court) in the class action lawsuit against the implicated multi-national corporations.

A US attorney assisting the South African legal team, Paul Hoffman, said the case would go before the Second Circuit Court in New York on January 11 next year.

The case was too broad, and consequently difficult to litigate, when it was first brought before the court in 2002, said his South African colleague Dumisa Ntsebeza SC. Since then, it had been scaled down.

There were now 30 000 plaintiffs and five defendants: General Motors, Ford, Daimler, IBM and Rheine Metal.

Craven said injured victims should be able to pursue redress for the complicity of the multi-nationals in the specific crimes listed in the amended complaints.

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Anonymous said...

All of these companies should say f**k you, and leave South Africa. There is no way any big corporation is going to make money in South Africa, because S.A. is turning into a "third world country".

Viking said...

"to reap the benefits of the country’s vast natural resources"
Not so vast, now, are they?

It's this resources = wealth Communist theory that will bring down the country. Craven is a c**t. There's no other word for him.

NewsGuy said...

Sounds like Marxism to me.

Anonymous said...

I know that Japan had to make retribution to Dutch citizens and their descendants who suffered directly or indirectly from being incarcerated in Jap POW camps, so this can carry on for a long time.

Compare Japan with South Africa wealth wise and you get a different level of affordability. There weren't millions of Dutch who had to be paid out either.

s said...

These companies should be given awards by the ANC for employing their worthless "masses" as they would have starved had it not been for the foreign investors in SA providing employment and financial security.
I sincerely hope all these companies leave SA if forced to pay these gangsters "damages". This is simply blackmail, nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Natural resources? Like all the mines? Who ownes them - the Rotschilds and the Oppenheimers of course. See if these stoopid savages can take on the Zionists who owns the whole world by now.

GPC said...

What about Africa who needs to be punished for their sin against black people. Genocide, hunger, corrupt leaders just to name a few? Since the white man's been chased like a dog out of Africa, it has gone backwards. The black are suffering even more today, it's even worst the the colonial era's. Blacks had very limited privileges back then. It just shows how bad the black governments of Africa really are today

Anonymous said...

The kaffirs are always looking for a hand-out instead of working. They should not blame these white companies for making them savages - they are born that way.

The cost of doing business in South Africa is high - these companies should pack up a leave. South Africa is turning into a third world country, so it is not profitable for them to stay.