Thursday, December 10, 2009

And the humiliation and murder continues……

And again I am at awe at the mainstream media.

They make very sure that crime of this nature is only reported in Afrikaans.

This is the most effective way of keeping news like this from the rest of the world.

Censorship by language…….

I know he received a monthly disability grant.

A disabled white man has got no change in hell to get any work in South Africa.

He was doomed by his own government to a life of suffering in life and in death.

My sympathy to the family.

2009-12-10 Johannesburg – Impoverished Afrikaner Petrus de Bruin (45) was shot dead on a Pretoria street for no reason at all, reports Virginia Keppler in Beeld newspaper.

The only thing he carried with him was a food-parcel which he and his wife had fetched from his elderly mother because the couple had nothing to eat that night.

When the black gunman confronted him and his wife Tanya, 40 in Wespark, the food-parcel they carried contained only a few cigarettes, a bit of meat, two tomatoes, an onion and two potatoes, their meal for the evening.

His bereaved wife said: “ Petrus immediate told the gunman ‘Wag bra, hierso…’ ( Wait bro) and put his parcel down -- just as the man shot him down.

“The gunman first kicked me to the ground and then shot Petrus, firing over my head.”

The murderer then fled without stealing anything.

It’s a mystery why he shot De Bruin at all:The killer was unknown to the unarmed couple, enroute from Hermanstad to their home on the corner of Church- and Transoranje Streets.

They had just fetched the food from his mom Kotie, 80, because they had nothing to eat that evening.

He was rushed to the nearby hospital which now is named after a murdered activist who had pleaded for non-violence, Steve Biko.

De Bruin died an hour later.

The first on the scene were the security guards of the ADT security-company – followed by the police and the ambulance.

His niece Angelique Els (28) said doctors battled for nearly an hour to save his life. “The nurses later cried when he died,’ she said.

Tanya De Bruin said her husband's murderer did not want the food. "He wanted to shoot Petrus."

She said it was not the first time that that they were attacked by robbers in that neighborhood.

“A few months ago we were almost robbed. One of the robbers jumped on Petrus's back. Fortunately, a security guard saw it and ran over to help. The robbers then ran away."

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Anonymous said...

I would very much like to see what percentage of whites killed by blacks are Afrikaners, because I suspect it is way out of proportion to other whites.

Anonymous said...

Where's the public out cry by the one sided ANC? Where's Malema and his big fat mouth! But hell make some silly video involving the other race and all hell is let lose. I'm sick to death of it.

Zarky said...

My heart bleeds every time I read stories like this, mark my words the day will come when the shit is going to hit the fan big time! Killing for fun, raping for pleasure etc. any one person or nation can only take so much, then the shit will hit the fan big, very big time!!! Keep pushing and shoving and retaliation will follow!

Viking said...

Dachs, I can't imagine the murderers would discriminate ... white is white to them!

Victor said...

The story itself does not say it was a racist attack but I would bet it was. Again we see the propaganda of mainstream news. The poor blacks.
The ANC would only act when it was a black that was gunned down. Only blacks that got killed makes SABC news.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about that Viking. I was in Pretoria West a few months and the Afrikaners I went to see there are living in a state of terror. They are not putting it on.

Why are there so many crime reports about Afrikaners being murdered in Afrikaans newspapers like Beeld?

I agree that all whites are under attack, but Afrikaners even more so. If English speakers happen to be living in traditionally Afrikaans areas like Pretoria they are also more likely to get murdered.

If you accept that there is a third force responsible for killing whites for reasons of revenge, you could accept that they will target Afrikaners more than English speakers because Afrikaners supported apartheid the most.

I'm by no means suggesting English speaking whites are not victims of genocide, but it seems that every day you hear of more Afrikaners killed for no apparent motive than English speakers.

Or could it be that murders of Enligh speaking victims don't make it into the black owned MSM?

Anonymous said...

@Dachs. I don't believe that there is an organised conspiracy against Afrikaners. The perpetrators are too stupid for that.

Don't forget that the Afrikaners significantly outnumbered the English, and on average, were less affluent. Also consider that Natal and large parts of the Western Cape are English. This would suggest that Gauteng is predominantly Afrikaans, and this is evident in Pretoria, the East and West Rand.

Anonymous said...

Exactly VI. The East and West Rand and Pretoria ARE predominantly Afrikaans and that's where most of the murder without apparent motive happens.

Viking said...

Yep - the Afrikaners have the bad luck to live in the North, heavily outnumbered and much more vulnerable.
There are farm murders among English farmers in Natal too, but I understand not in the same numbers ..
Just a matter of time though.

Anonymous said...

I left SA a little over a year ago, but I do like to know what is really happening "back home". Reading things like this makes me wonder what civilized people are still doing there? Although it comes from a bad place, take the advice of the ANC and find a new home; that advice will also be their downfall. SA is a great place... as a place, the crime and animals that perpetrate it are not worth your hard earned taxes. Find a new place and be happy, let AIDS and their own natures deal with them. It is sad for us but SA will be there for our grandchildren once the problem has destroyed itself.