Sunday, December 06, 2009

Affirmative Action and the Nazis, part II

A follow up to the post Affirmative Action and the Nazis.

Re-reading parts of Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism, I came across a section discussing current issues of the day including Environmentalism, and am reminded of recent heated discussions on the subject on several posts here at ILSA.

The book, which I have been shamelessly plugging for months, is truly the Little Red Book of the Right, and very much a call to action to those who find themselves dumbed-down by insidious liberalism leeching into every sphere of our existence. The recent post by Vanilla Ice goes some way to illustrating how deep is the reach of "Progressive" ideas into our lives, and ought to be a wake-up call for anyone concerned with their own freedom and the survival of Western culture.

Environmentalism is just one of the bandwagons onto which the organised Left has jumped. The Left used the issue of Global Warming as a "crisis mechanism" through which to propose and enforce the solutions it has always been gunning for. And why not? Who can argue that the planet is important? It is like the eternal cry, "won't somebody think of the children!". To not act, for whatever reason, is to stand against progress.

The issue the we must face is not whether or not climate change is real, but whether the proposed solutions are the correct ones. The Corporatist union of big business and government is seen by many as the solution to this crisis - but this is merely a re-hash of old Leftist/Fascist attitudes toward the role of business, and the proposals to compensate third world countries for damage allegedly caused by the Evil West is good old-fashioned shakedown ideology.

Today, while reading the blog of Feminist blogger and journalist Laurie Penny, I notice that she finally admits to what I have been accusing many feminist of all along, declaring:
Don't get me wrong: feminism is the heart of my politics, but only and always when it can be considered in the context of wider, global struggles for justice. Feminism only makes sense to me as a strategic and ideological arm of the global left

As with Feminism, so with Environmentalism. That is not to say that there is nothing valid in either of these movements, but rather that they have been seized upon by Old Socialists, who, to paraphrase Goldberg, have been in search of other ways to push people around.

2 Opinion(s):

FishEagle said...

As always, I agree 100% with your sentiments, especially about environmentalism.

Exzanian said...

"The issue that we must face is not whether or not climate change is real, but whether the proposed solutions are the correct ones."

I concur wholeheartedly. And, at the risk of sounding thick skinned, we can even dispense with debating the so called solutions, wind power, solar power, tidal power etc and instead start asking ourselves; How do we manage nuclear waste? How can we minimise it's impact to the future? How do we make nuclear power stations safer? How do we avoid a 3mile/ chernobyl? etc...Nuclear power is the answer to all our energy simply because it is the only one left with any real sustainability.