Thursday, December 03, 2009

30% long-term decrease in murder statistics

Generally this is good news, and believable.

What drives me nuts though, is that the ANC praises the drop in the murder rate.

If I am not mistaken, and believe me, I lived through this; the ANC must surely take responsibility to a big part of the murders in 1994/95?

And thereafter?

Wasn’t it during that time that necklace murders were the in thing for the political oppressed?

Winnie and her soccer team? And others?

The ANC was and still is part of the problem.

For them to now be sanctimonious and praise this is very, very dishonest.

ANC praises drop in country’s murder rate

THE ANC today (December 3) lauded police for the reported drop in the country’s murder rate following a SA Institute of Race Relations’ survey which indicated a 30% decline.

“The report indicates that the murder rate has declined by 30% over the past 15 years... an indication which shows the partnership between the police and communities is achieving some success,” the party said in a statement.

“All of us should continue to be vigilant and participate in our numbers in combating crime through being part of street committees and participating in community policing forums,” it said.
The survey released yesterday indicated while murder rates were still high, the number of people killed per day had gone down from 71 in 1994/95 to 50 in 2008/09.

“While the decrease in the number of murders shows an improvement in violent crime levels, the general feeling is crime is getting worse.

“This response was not only due to the high crime levels, but also to the fact these crime levels have remained high for an extended time,” said Kerwin Lebone, researcher at the SA Institute of Race Relations.

Violent house robberies attributed to the perception that murder rates were high, he said.

“A possible explanation for the decreasing murder rate but the continuing perception that all crime is increasing is that in the short term the change in the murder rate is minimal.

“Also, aggravated house robbery increased by 43% since 1994/95 with 121,392 cases reported in 2008/09.

“This type of violent crime, where armed criminals forcibly enter homes while people are in them, is likely to affect South Africans’ perceptions of crime levels as a whole,” Lebone said.

In its statement, the African National Congress urged South Africans to continue working with police to fight violent crimes.

“Despite this decline, murder rates and other categories of crime in our country remain intolerably high and is a challenge we should all continue to confront and to defeat.

“We further commend and urge all our communities to continue to provide greater support to the South African Police Service in the execution of their duties and to continue to work together with the law enforcement agencies to fight crime and create safer communities,” it said. – Sapa

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they are just increasing their 'died by natural causes' mantra at police level.

Anonymous said...

1. Maybe "infanticide" in South Africa isn't a murder anymore

2. Murder cases regarded as a culpable homicide. Just read:

An 18-year-old youth who pleaded guilty to raping his 48-year-old employer, and who was also convicted of causing her death, was jailed for 27 years by the High Court here on Wednesday.

Sanele Mtolo, of Himeville, told the court that he squeezed his victim's throat, but did not strangle her.
He pleaded not guilty to her murder and was convicted of culpable homicide.
Judge Jan Hugo said that very little distinguished the culpable homicide from murder.
It was found that Mtolo had been drinking, was sexually aroused, was a first offender, was young and pleaded guilty to her rape.
His semen was found on the woman's leg and there would have been some difficulty in proving he had raped her had he not pleaded guilty to it.
Taken together, these amounted to substantial and compelling circumstances, freeing the court from having to impose the prescribed life sentence.
Mtolo was jailed for 10 years for the culpable homicide, 15 years' for the rape and two years' for stealing her cellphone.
The victim had employed Mtolo as a labourer and he attacked and raped her when she was alone on the night of July 12 last year.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like some doctored stats just before the WC2010...

The Rooster said...

Actually murder is down by 44% in real terms. Remember the population has grown so you need to compare the per 100 000 incidents not the actual number.