Thursday, November 05, 2009

Zuma arranges release of white South Africans held in Equatorial Guinea

Give credit where credit is due. Mbeki would never have done anything to help these men unless they were black. Amidst the daily fecal matter oozing from South Africa, now and then some good news.

Then again, what the one hand giveth, the other taketh. We almost got rid of the Eskom douchebag CEO but Zuma had to go and pull him back in.

Fin24 - 'Zuma saved Eskom boss'

President Jacob Zuma played a pivotal role in the freeing of convicted South African mercenary Niek du Toit and his four accomplices from a notorious Equatorial Guinea prison.

This was revealed in an exclusive interview with Du Toit hours after he, along with coup plotter Simon Mann, were freed from Black Beach Prison yesterday.

Du Toit last night said that it was by God's grace and the intervention of the South African government, as well as international pressure, that they were going home.

'We are just glad that we are going home'
"We were told yesterday that we were going to be freed. We were told that Zuma and his government were involved in the negotiations for our release, and now today we are free men," said an emotional Du Toit, who added that the group, which were very close, had all become very religious since their imprisonment.

He said that while the group, who now had 24 hours to get out of Equatorial Guinea, knew that Zuma was involved in the negotiations for their presidential pardon, they did not know what the negotiations entailed.

"We are in the dark about that. We do not know what went on behind the closed doors or for how long they have been negotiating.

"We are just glad that we are going home. This has been a dream of mine for years and I cannot wait to hold and see my family again.

"While we have been preparing ourselves for this, it is still hard to believe that we are actually coming home," he said, adding that they were all doing well, were in high spirits and enjoying being free.

Zuma flew to the oil-rich country
Zuma's spokesman, Vincent Magwenya, acknowledged that the president might have lobbied for their release.

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Anonymous said...

Du Toits are notorious interferers in other African countries. Remember the another Du Toit freed from Angola by the intervention of Pik Botha during apartheid?

Anonymous said...

As good as this sounds, the unwashed don't do anything for nobody unless there's something else going on - especially Zooma. Just sayin....

Anonymous said...

Hey, what happened to our Toozday Toot?

Anonymous said...

@ VI, it was posted my bru ;)

Anonymous said...

I got it, 3 pages in and 79 posts by the 5th of the month. Hell, there is a lot going on.

Anonymous said...

What can one say, the ANC continues to provide so much content. Hollywood couldn't write the antics those idiots get up to. I could post twice as much but restrain myself.

Dachshund said...

This is really good news for a change. I'm glad these guys are free.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Zuma arranged nothing. The thought did not even cross his mind. The other country did it on their own initiative as a gesture of goodwill.

Anonymous said...

Archibald, I'll let the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin and the guy that thought up the name "Google", Andy Bechtolsheim know that they have shamelessly plagiarised your family name. They certainly owe you an 'apology'.

always-a-realist said...

Some Zots palm must have been greased.