Monday, November 30, 2009

You're fu*king shitting me, right?

The police take the attackers to the victims' home for official identification. Read carefully, they take the savages to the VICTIMS' HOME! Can this shit really be happening? They survive a brutal attack on the streets, now they must live in fear until the thugs are put away which can be forever or more likely perhaps never but either way it will be years before it's settled. Time to move home I guess. Australia is lovely this time of year.


Secunda -
A seriously wounded woman from Standerton, her mother, and the 12-year-old daughter of a friend are currently in fear for their lives, since the police took the woman's suspected attackers to her flat, and later also to her mother's house for an "identity parade".

Wilma Coetzer, 23, told on Sunday how she and the 12-year-old, whose name is being withheld, had been walking home from Shoprite with their groceries on Friday at about 18:00, when two men attacked them near the NG Church in Cullinan Street.

"I felt a tug on my handbag and then something hit me hard in my face. I yelled at the girl to run away," said Coetzer. One of the men set off running after the little girl, but turned around when she ran into the offices of Kasselman Security and Zelatech, where Coetzer works.

Kasselman's security guards ran to Coetzer’s aid, where she was fighting againt her attackers as they tried to drag her to a dark area near the church.

She sustained head injuries in particular.

"They hit my head continuously. I can't remember everything that happened, but I realised they would easily be able to rape and kill me once they got me to that dark area, since nobody would be able to see us there from the road. That's why I fought so hard."

Beeld has heard that the security guards arrested the suspects and handed them over to the police.

"I was taken to the doctor, and the police said I should wait until the next day to give my statement," said Coetzer.

Cops were waiting

However, two Saps members, presumably reservists, were waiting for her at her flat - along with one of the suspects.

They wanted her to identify the man. The 12-year-old girl, who was so deeply traumatised that she only told her mother about the attack the next day, found herself face to face with the suspect.

"Tannie, I'm scared, because now they also know where I live." the little girl apparently told Coetzer's mother, Ria Coetzer.

Ria arrived at her daughter's flat on Friday night while the police and suspects were there.

"I took Wilma to my house and gave her painkillers and a sleeping pill."

Coetzer's cellphone started ringing at about 22:45. "Someone called to her to come outside. When I opened my front door, the same two policemen as before were standing on my veranda."


Apparently they wanted to take Coetzer to the police station in their vehicle to give her statement, but didn't want to identify themselves to her.

"They said, at that stage, both the attackers were in the police van in front of my house. When I confronted the policemen about it, the one policeman said: 'Don't worry, they do not want to harm you'."

Ria took her daughter to the police station herself to give her statement.

Coetzer was given a case number and was told to contact a detective, but the cellphone number of the detective went unanswered for the entire weekend.

Coetzer's alleged attackers will appear in the local magistrate's court on Monday.

Joseph Hlatswayo, police spokesperson, didn't know about the incident on Sunday, but did agree to follow the matter up with the station commander on Monday. - Beeld

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Anonymous said...

It's a new game called "dodge our SAPS and their stupidity if you can". This just gets better and better. Maybe their thinking is that the victims don't deserve to feel safe after almost being murdered as it's in violation of the accused rights?

Anonymous said...

This is a more common occurrence than most people realise. For a whole range of crimes, from muggings and petty theft to Schedule 1 Offences, victims in SA regularly come into direct (face to face) contact with their attackers. I and many others who have worked in the security industry know this. This tactic saves the arresting officers a lot of time, especially if the arrest is made towards the end of their shift. Time that they would spend filling in forms and writing reports. You see police officers in SA do not have the dedication that their counterparts in Europe and the US have. They are more interested in drinking beer and watching soccer.

SteveD said...

Taking the suspect to the victim renders the case null and void.

The defense for the suspect can argue that the suspect was identified and accused only because they were seen when first brought by the police.
It is a clever criminal tactic to get the case thrown out of court - for a small fee payable to the police.

Remember this next time YOU commit a crime in SA. Tell the police that you will pay them to take you to the accuser for identification. Then when you get to court, argue that they recognize you from when the police arrested you (falsely) and paraded you in front of them.
Works every time!

Anonymous said...

I am wilma coetzer! The girl who got attacked! In 2011 July these devils were sentenced for 2 years after many days fighting in court! A white police woman advised my witnesses not to testify for their own safety, which made things difficult! I layd charges against the police and in Nov 2010, exactly one year after the attack received a letter from the icd saying that no actions will be taken against the police! That's aftr the icd initially came to me and adviced me to lay charges???? This country and its government is nothing but a sick pathetic criminal joke!

Exzanian said...

Anon 22 June 2011 20:24
Sorry for belated response. ILUVSA is a blog reflecting diverse views of many people. We do not purport to offer any assistance of any kind, we're just doing our bit to get the truth out there. If you want to discuss any issues that have affected you without any strings attached, please feel free to email me:
No ulterior motives OK? That's a promise :)