Tuesday, November 24, 2009

'You think you are clever'

I find this little article amazing.

As someone that had to and still has to deal with visas on a fairly regular basis, and who knows the pain of standing in line to have your passport stamped, this one really gave me the chills.

The arrogance obviously is beyond believe.

Now the questions.

They can really do this? Decide on their own that you are “too old” to be on a work permit?

Force you to sign documents and then deport you?

What the article does not tell us, is what happened to the woman? Did they deport her?

If you cross the border from Zimbabwe you are exempt from any of these legal processes, but if you arrive from somewhere civilized, that requires you to enter through an airport, they can deport you? Strange.

And what prevented the police to arrest these individuals? Incompetence of the police or is a matter of empowerment of these officials that gave them powers above the law?

The director of immigrations at OR Tambo International Airport, his deputy director-general and an immigration officer have to appear before a Pretoria High Court acting judge tomorrow, after they refused to obey a court order not to deport a Chinese woman.

They must explain why they should not be given 90 days' imprisonment for contempt of court.

This comes after police could not arrest director TP Kgoale on Friday, as Acting Judge Roelof du Plessis had ordered. Kgoale apparently slammed the phone down on the judge, telling him "I know the law".

The drama started on Friday afternoon when lawyers Sebetja Matsaung and Manase Matime rushed into the courtroom.

Matime told Judge Du Plessis that the 53-year-old Lin Guilan had arrived from Hong Kong that morning. She lives in Bedfordview and has a work permit valid until December.

However, immigration officials at the airport evidently felt she was too old to work here and wanted to deport her by 4pm.

Her niece, Cheri Lam, testified that her aunt went to Hong Kong to attend to family problems. Upon her return, she was kept at the airport and told to sign a document. As she could not understand English, she refused.

Judge Du Plessis made an interim order that the woman should be admitted back into the country. Immigration would then have to give reasons to the court tomorrow why it should not be ordered not to deport the woman and return her official documents to her.

The legal representatives hurriedly faxed this order to the airport.

However, just before 6pm on Friday, Matime again entered the courtroom. He said the lawyer had phoned the director, who apparently said the court order was not authentic, telling the lawyer: "You know too much. You think you are clever."

Judge Du Plessis then personally phoned the director.

A few minutes later he returned to court, saying: "Listen to the contempt of the law that sometimes go on in this country."

He put on record that the director had said he knew the law and had slammed the phone down on him.

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Hello ILuvSA ppl! Sorry for beeing off topic (sort of)!
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