Sunday, November 15, 2009

Xenophobia: Euphamism for black racism

My first You Tube effort. More an experiment than anything else. Dobes, thanks for that software link, it did the trick.

There have been a lot of You Tube video's on the May 2008 unrest in Southern Africa that left 62 dead. Somehow, it seems to have all been swept under the carpet. Why is it that Bob Mugabe has been allowed to get away, literally, with murder? Why is it that Thabo Mbeki, who aided and abetted him in the theft of yet another election last year (the impact of which directly caused the deaths of 62 Zimbabwean refugees) has been allowed to retire in peace and comfort?

If black leaders want to be part of the world stage, is it not time that they took responsibility for their actions? And when is the world going to do something about these tyrants? When is the liberal West going to untangle their collective guilt, extract themselves from this mess that is Africa, hold it up to the light and hold it accountable? Stop blaming yourselves white people. Africa is responsible!

3 Opinion(s):

Viking said...

gets the message across.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

I'm surrounded by talented people. I saw the draft in PPT and this is a superb effort. Keep 'em coming.