Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why I love dumb criminals

The thing is we know these people really believe this muti crap makes them bullet-proof and fixes all sorts of ailments real and imagined but clearly it doesn't have any effect on the people you steal from.

Heist 'mastermind' and his sangoma (witchdoctor) in jail.

An SBV cash services worker who stole nearly R500,000 and then paid a sangoma R19,000 to make him immune from suspicion is behind bars, together with the sangoma.

The 24-year-old suspect from Daveyton on the East Rand stole R472,000 from SBV cash services and then paid a sangoma in KwaZulu-Natal R19,000 to make sure that his bosses didn't suspect he was the thief, according to the newspaper report.

The sangoma assured the thief that his bosses would be "smiling and welcoming" when he returned to work three days later.

But when the suspect returned to work, he was promptly arrested, thanks to CCTV footage of the theft.

The man then led police to Nquthu in KwaZulu-Natal where the sangoma was also arrested.

Nearly R300,000 of the R472,000 stolen from SBV has been recovered, according to police.

Read the rest at the Sowetan.

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Tough if you contract with a underpowered ( discount ? )sangoma ...

Anonymous said...

Very nice and typical African story!

Anonymous said...

I would sue the Sangoma. These guys need professional indemnity insurance. I mean, how is a guy supposed to take them seriously.