Monday, November 02, 2009

White traitors of white South Africans honoured by ANC

These people are cowards pure and simple and as much to blame for the calamity that has befallen South Africa. If you can stand it, read on but personally it disgusts me.

Speaking at a thanksgiving service in Stellenbosch marking the organisation's 25th anniversary, Motlanthe said "every objector, every war resister and every ECC member were true heroes and heroines of our struggle".

Hundreds of people gathered at Spier Wine Estate for the celebration, which included seminars, art, videos and ECC poster exhibitions, a concert, a film festival and an interdenominational thanksgiving service.

The campaign began in the apartheid era as a form of resistance to the deployment of the SA Defence Force in the townships. It was launched in 1984 to oppose the compulsory conscription of white South Africans into the SADF. The organisation was banned by the National Party government in 1988.

"Not only did you stand up and risk physical, social and emotional isolation from the majority of white South Africans who were not prepared to oppose injustice but, through your actions, you inspired hope among the black majority," Motlanthe said.
[they still stand that risk. They wouldn't dare step out today without getting clobbered]

"The campaign, which many gathered here today led and supported, ensured that non-racialism was not just a vision that we aspired to, but informed the very character of our struggle.

"The values that inspired you and thousands of white South Africans to support the campaign to end conscription into the apartheid army are values which our society needs to continually embrace and affirm," he said. - Times Live

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Anonymous said...

I bet you most of them have run overseas away from their new black masters, being the cowards they are.

Pensioner said...

And when the black brothers break into their homes, wanting to rape and torture their mothers, wives and daughters before murdering them, these assholes will say, "Hey brother, I was part of your struggle and I was a war resister and a ECC member." Black Bro is going to say, "oh sorry my friend, we will let you and your family live in peace" Not likely, we must wait till hell freezes over for that one.

Anonymous said...

I for one am extremely proud of these ultra liberal black dick loving ankle grabbing pussies. They show the liberals for what they are: ABSOLUTE COWARDS.

Have you noticed that all of these libbies ONLY protest in countries where incarceration or punishment is benign. None of them would dare to have done this kind of shit against some of the truly oppressive regimes in the world (which apartheid most definitely was not) as they would get a VERY rude awakening to what Lee-Chan, Muhammed and company considered to be suitable corrective means.

I am also a war protester. It has been my experience that the best way to end a war is to shoot the shit out of the other guys. Preferably with a belt fed automatic weapon above .50 calibre.

So... We now reward cowardice...