Wednesday, November 04, 2009

University of Zululand Shows Us How Disputes Are Settled Intelligently ... NOT

As my fellow blogger says, "If they can't shag it or eat it, they'll break it." One would think that may only apply to the uneducated masses, not university students for Pete's sake. But apparently not. Keep up the good work University of Zululand, show the world what stuff you are made of. Is there any doubt, after this, that our students are a useless bunch of retards?

University of Zululand students allegedly went on the rampage on Tuesday night, burning a lecture hall and damaging a number of buildings.

"One lecture hall was completely ravaged when it was set alight and a number of buildings were damaged by stones. The damage could be well over a million rand," registrar Sishokonke Mapisa said.

Among the buildings damaged were the student representative offices, the library, lecture theatres and computer labs.

Police spokesperson Captain Thulani Zwane said the matter was being investigated and no one had been arrested. Police officers were patrolling the campus.

Xolani Ngwezi, secretary of Inkatha Freedom Party-aligned student wing, Sadesmo, claimed the South African Students Congress (Sasco) was behind the damage.

He said leaders of the ANC-aligned Sasco had walked out of a meeting called to resolve an impasse in the student representative council (SRC) elections outcome.

Sasco was declared the winner of last month's SRC elections by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) after Sadesmo failed to submit its candidate list in time.

Sadesmo then sought legal advice and rebutted the IEC's pronouncement.

Chief electoral commissioner Pansy Tlakula sent a letter to rector Rachel Gumbi advising the university to declare elections null and void.

On Tuesday, a meeting was called by head of student services Mandla Hlongwana to convince leaders from both organisations to form a governance structure which would look after students' issues before elections were held.

Mapisa said it was impossible for the institution to hold elections before the end of the year, as final examinations would begin next week.

"We have asked them to form a structure, but Sasco does not want it. Another option that the institution has is that of appointing an official to be a caretaker before the elections are held."

He said the only time for elections was February next year, after students had registered.

"Having an interim structure can solve this problem. We will continue persuading students to accept this option."

Sadesmo's Ngwezi said they were disappointed by the alleged behaviour of Sasco members.

"This will have far-reaching implications as the university will have to allocate funds to repair the damage."

Sasco's Thabani Mthabela said it was irresponsible for Sadesmo to start pointing fingers and that the police should be allowed to investigate the vandalism.

"This could have been done by anybody. Members of both Sadesmo and Sasco are angry with what is happening with the issue of elections."

He said Sasco members were angry their leaders were not allowed to occupy their SRC positions, and Sadesmo members angry about not taking part in the elections. - Sapa

5 Opinion(s):

Doberman said...

Gawd, what did they use? Explosives?

Vanilla Ice said...

Africa, my broer. Sticks and stones are as mighty as the atom.

Anonymous said...

How do you break something? Give it to one of the unwashed and tell them not to break it...same applies here. Let's see the guvmunt fix it. Yup, our taxes hard at work...NOT! Mine are going to a first world goverment so whe.

Anonymous said...

1M in damages.

What were they chimping out about?

"Wee eh dimundi endi eh wanti the free edjukashun foh eh free endi wee wanti the eh w-a-a-a-y-c-i-i-i-i-s-t-s endi the eh amaburu to eh leevi the eh kuntree" (eh so wee ken eh fuck iti upi even eh moh).

Oh - Sorry. Not this time. This time it was for representation at the time and place of their choosing, not as prescribed by the university for decades. Fuck me, is this really the best of our future? Well, I'm off to the gun shop to get more ammo.

"Eh wee wanti the eh leedahs. Wee wanti them inowi. Wee eh wanti them withi alli of the eh corrupshen. Wee wanti them eh withi alli of the unedjukashun. Wee dimandi iti eh inowi!!! Othuhwizi, wee willi ben iti withi eh fiyah endi duhnseeng."

Varken Monkeys!!!

Typical result of sub-optimal IQ linked to Marxist aspirations that look more and more like they are slipping out of reach of the aspirant ANC muntinisters.

Burn Baby Burn!!!

Anonymous said...

South Africa CANNOT survive as one country!

Sasco (ANC aligned student body) is out to destroy the University of Zululand because it works! The majority IFP-aligned student body at Uni Zululand are only interested in getiing people an education BUT because they are nationalist in nature, their varsity must be destroyed by the one-world backed comunist element!

It's common sense!

Common Sense