Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Union wants BEE billionaires' money back

Ding dong, IQ67 has just connected the dots. They've figured out who's been creaming all the BEE froth and they're not heppy, aikona, not one bit. Too much muney for so few people! Ok, put aside the worrying aspect of nationalising (removing) a private individual's wealth but let's say they did 'nationalise' these people's money, I think it would be poetic justice since we know this money was ill-gotten in the first place and is indeed assets that belong to the people of South Africa, not just to the well connected in the ANC hierarchy. It is stolen money, taxpayer and large private corporation hush money. For these few individuals, I would be prepared to look the other way.

BEE: What needs to be done? - Phillip Dexter (COPE MP) says that it is currently being used as a cover for corruption

Nationalisation: What Mathews Phosa said in London

Union calls for nationalisation of Motsepe, Sexwale's money. The National Union of Metalworkers (Numsa) said it was concerned that massive wealth, worth billions, was concentrated in the hands of private individuals.

This comes after South Africa's "Rich List" was published by the Sunday Times on Sunday. The list, compiled by Who Owns Whom,
showed that Motsepe was the richest South African with R14.2 billion.

Numsa said it was concerned that massive wealth, worth billions, was concentrated in the hands of private individuals. "This obscene and massive wealth is being reported by the Sunday Times in the midst of the revelations that South Africa has apparently taken over Brazil as the most unequal country in the world ever," said spokesman Castro Ngobese. [16 years of ANC rule will do that]

He said the fact that South Africa was the most "unequal" country in the world was confirmed by Cape Town University's Professor Haroon Bhorat.

"Why should such massive wealth be in the hands of private individuals?" asked Ngobese.

"We strongly believe that our National Democratic Revolution (NDR) as encapsulated in the Freedom Charter
was never meant to reproduce or replace a White capitalist class with a Black capitalist class or co-opt connected politicians to join exploiters." [16 years and only NOW you complain?]

He said the NDR has always been "anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist". [ja ja, marxist, communist, we get it]

"This then calls for the radical and revolutionary agenda to be championed by the broad movement as led by the ANC to transfer the wealth of our country to the hands of the people as a whole, as opposed to a selected few." [what "wealth of our country"? The way I see it, we are broke]

He said failure by the African National Congress to transfer the wealth will lead to an upsurge of service delivery protests.
[uh oh..]

"As Numsa, we are calling for the nationalisation, and eventually the socialisation of the massive and privately owned wealth in the hands of Motsepes, Sexwales, Macozomas, Nhlekos, Mittals and Oppenheimers of this world," he said.
[perhaps all the smoky room deals the Oppenheimers did with the ANC won't save them after all]

Ngobese said Bhorat confirmed that whilst inequalities had risen amongst black South Africans, the growth of white South Africans salaries between 1995 and 2008 surpasses by far the growth of salaries amongst black South Africans.
[he who produces the best earns the best, simple premise, use it, don't use it]

The salaries of white South Africans had grown by 83 percent from 1995 to 2008 while those of black South Africans only grew by 38 percent, he said.
[and?...meaningless drivel]

He said Numsa would lobby other unions affiliated to the Congress of SA Trade Unions to mount a "radical and militant" campaign to put a stop to "excessive privately owned wealth and salaries which are reproducing racialised (class and gendered) apartheid inequalities and opulence". - Times Live

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Anonymous said...

How much has old Motsepe and Sexwale given back to the community? 14 Billion could build a few houses and feed a few blecks...

Anonymous said...

"Western" Propaganda has had them believing that African "Whites" and not "Western" Capitalists have been the enemy since time began!

Maybe now, with someone other than a white african pointing them in the right direction, us white africans will be able to claim our place in Southern Africa!

Common Sense


In the end parasites would eat their own mother. Slowly the Casatu parasites see some new fields to harvest and it matters not that this individuals have been part of the struggle ( mostly to enrich themselves with the help and on behalf of the great unwashed ).

Anonymous said...

On the topic of big Western Capital running the show, to the dtriment of white africans, I've just seen news that Simon Mann and colleagues (who were employed by big Western Capital to overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinnea) have been pardoned! This, while the so-called "Boeremag" freedom-fighters rot in a South African Prison! They've been in prison four times longer than Mann and co.

Viking said...

When will they learn you can't "transfer" wealth? You can only force people to work for free.

Or, you can divide up companies between large numbers of people -

it's called 'buying shares', and anyone can do it.

Anonymous said...

Motsepe is the richest, and he has built ... wait for it ... nothing. These are Africa's oligarchs.