Wednesday, November 04, 2009

UG of South Africa Sucks Arrested

Uhuru Guru of South Africa Sucks was arrested this morning at around 06h30 on trumped up charges regarding an alleged offence dating back to 1993.

His door was ripped off, his wife was not allowed to make calls, his children’s cell phones were confiscated, his little daughters were ripped out of their beds, you cannot believe the cruelty!!

fleeing_za3A massive contingent of police from no less than five different specialist units, ranging from Organised Crime, Cyber crime, vehicle theft, etc; raided his home and confiscated all his computer equipment.

This arrest is motivated ultimately by the State. No doubt it has to do with ZASucks.

When they finished the raid, two very grey, shady looking characters sat him down and questioned him about the blog. White, Afrikaans men, to boot.

They were told he would not answer any questions re the blog. They persisted and they were again, rudely this time, told to pack it in.

They then asked him what far right meetings he attended. The answer was none.

Then, shockingly, they started questioning him about no less than Dan Roodt. They were again told no questions about Roodt either.

Trying to get him out on bail proved impossible. Not only did the police in the form of Capt van der Linde lie, he, Capt van der Linde pulled every trick in the book to prevent him from getting him to court for bail. He arrived at the police station at about 11h00, which gave them, in the form of Capt van der Linde, more than enough time to process him and get him to court. Instead, van der Linde chose to tell our Advocate what a piece of filth UG is!!!

At 14h00 van der Linde sent 2 cops to take UG to Court. They never arrived. Van der Linde lied!

So unfortunately, he is sleeping in a cell tonight with about a dozen violent criminals.

I am genuinely fearful about his safety folks.

Posted by doodler at SAS

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Anonymous said...

Keep us apprised Doods. This shows the cold-bloodedness of the SA authorities. Going after a blogger for pete's sakes! And terrifying his family.

It also highlights the need for other blogs outside the country and therefore beyond the ANC regime's reach to disseminate this information and the truth of the decline of SA law and order.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... wonder what the liberals have to say now when one talks about 'Free Speech' in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

...and time for like minded bloggers to show some solidarity and fight the good fight as a united front and stop bitchin at each other over small petty shit.

Link each other up you arseholes!

Anonymous said...

We support you and know that these blogs are so important to get the truth out. He's in my prayers and I hope there's a good outcome, although I have my doubts...The beginning of the end for free speech and the holy SA "constitution".

Anonymous said...

Which Cop Shop? Can't we get a bunch of local people to protest outside?
Who is in contact with Huntley's Attorney? - please let him know about this!

I'll write a song onight and anyone with contacts in the recording industry can use it: 'free Uhu-ru-Guru'!

Anonymous said...

Huntley's lawyer has already been sent the details.

Anonymous said...

UG was arrested not for blogging, not for anything he said against the ANC nor anything else that he may have said. He was arrested because he engages in violently threatening people - also known as aggravated menacing. Try committing aggravated menacing in USA and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:38. I imagine your use of the term "arseholes" is directed at us. Let me make it very clear, ILSA does everything it can to get the message out, and shows as much solidarity as is possible. We will continue to support the right to be heard.

That does not mean we support individual bloggers, or their conduct; especially when it is in the form of unsubstantiated and unwarranted written attacks against ILSA bloggers. Loose cannons cannot be tolerated.

I do not know the details of this matter, so I am not about to conclude that it has anything to do with blogging or free speech. I will suffice by saying that much of the animus is created by your beloved UG.

As for your remarks concerning a petty disagreement, I am not aware of any mutual disagreement.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 8:38, just so all of you know the facts, it was SAS and UG in particular that removed the link to ILSA first.

And it is still UG who still does not want to link to us and who badmouths our blog regularly whereas we have never resorted to doing the same. Indeed, I and a fellow blogger were called "cunts" by UG in privy yesterday. We did not respond.

But to show you that we can rise above petty bullshit and show our solidarity with the folks at SAS at this time, I have put the link back up. It's up to you guys to get them to reciprocate.

Anonymous said...

Further to my last comment. Solidarity does not mean that bloggers need to "come around" to a particular style of blogging. We all have a right to disburse the news, in a style that befits us. Given the nature of the beast, however, it can be assumed that we all have a similar goal in mind. Therefore solidarity is a given.

Islandshark said...

Great stuff Dobes! I'm fed up with these stupid accusations and tit-for-tat comments flying about between ILSA & SAS.

Both sites are busy with a noble cause - we have different ways of going about it - is that so difficult for people to understand?

Islandshark said...

Well said VI!

Anonymous said...

@ IS and VI, indeed. Our styles may be different but that does not mean we don't wish for the same outcome. Attacking a fellow blog in the same dog fight (which ILSA DOES NOT DO) is mindless and self-defeating.

Anonymous said...

Good point anon 9:33.

Islandshark said...

I noticed that SAS put the link to ILSA back.

Let's leave it at that and get out of each other's hair...

We have a common enemy in any case.

Anonymous said...

@ IS, agreed. Now does anyone have details on this Capt van der Linde?

Anonymous said...

I have read that no charges have been brought yet. This means that the SAPS have a right to hold UG for 48 hours, for further investigation, charge or release. Depending on the time he was processed through the books at Linden, 48 hours would take you to Friday. Depending on the time, it could mean holding for the weekend. They could do this just for harrassment, and then release.

Anonymous said...

Which police station is he held at? More details please. And it's high time we know his name so that we can put some pressure on about his release. This is ridiculous. It's the bloody Boeremag all over again, people getting terrorised and arrested and dumped in prison and it's all just a witch-hunt.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you guys have shown some saamstaan here on iluvSA....But please, don't get in a flap about being at the receiving end of UG's schtick chaps. UG is ummm... is like TNT and can go off, and many times I have also been at the receiving end...but he is a trooper, he cares, and he has stuck to his guns for a long time. He's got a lot of gum, and so I have always forgiven him when he's been a schmegeggi.

Now, you have put the bad vibes aside,(Doberman, you're a liefie and a good guy with a good heart) and in the same spirit I've put back your link,(not that I took it off or had a beef with anyone here) but I think despite being called a cunch of bunts, bunch of bliksims and whatever else, you have still been oulik and sweet, and that shows that you would still be prepared to fight in the same bunker as UG and the rest of us.

Thanks for that!

Lets hope the oke gets out unscathed. Shit things have happened in police cells, and the whole trip is a pretty shit buzz anyway, we don't know what all this will lead to.

You guys be cool, and those of you who are still in SA, be careful!

Anonymous said...

@ DR, hello m'dear, lovely to hear from you again. Thanks for the kind words.

Viking said...

It's good to see the links back in place again.

UG may be in trouble not necessarily for threats made, but it could be Crimen Injuria, our old friend, back in play again.
I have left a message of solidarity on SAS, and hope that UG will survive the night in his cell unscathed.

riaan rockspider van jaarsveld said...

Anonymous @ 05 November 2009 9:33 AM said...

"UG was arrested not for blogging, not for anything he said against the ANC nor anything else that he may have said. He was arrested because he engages in violently threatening people - also known as aggravated menacing. Try committing aggravated menacing in USA and see what happens."

You seem pretty sure about that, how come you know a lot about this matter? How did he menace and aggravate you?

Anonymous said...

Riaan - I am not at liberty to discuss an ongoing case. UG engaged in threatening people via email.

WTF said...

@Above...Why detain someone?Try and link them to right wing extremist groups and Praag??Clamp down on Boerevryheid forum members???Then spindoctor the whole charade!Lots of question marks.You dont need to be a rocket scientist to see where this is going.

Anonymous said...

aggravated menacing
UG did not do that and menacing means with a weapon not with words .
also I live in the US and its a police state with whites being singled out like UG, while swarthy illegals are allowed to commit as much violence as they like.
One white man was arrested for writing mexican swine flu on a mattress before dumping it as a protest against all the mexicans dumping garbage the police went after him big time and ignored the thousands of mexicans dumping garbage.
so dont use the USA as a shining example of anything other then the downfall of freedom and the West

Anonymous said...

shocking! hope he is out now ! what happened to freedom of speech??? is there anything we can do to help ie lawyers etc?? Need good lawyer to sue the state!!!

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of when a few Jews, looking out for themselves were willing to act as police for their German captors in the ghettoes during WW2. They did their utmost to be loyal to the Nazis and were even more ruthless towards their own people in order to demonstrate their loyalty and hopefully win the favour of the Nazis. They all ended up in gas chambers anyway.

Meanwhile, it is sad to see that the remaining white South Africans who do have the means to leave but won't keep telling themselves it will improve or come to a head either by a miraculous uprising of Boere or the effectiveness of AIDS.These folk have too much to lose (what they have is of little worth and bound to either be taken away or lose value altogether anyway).It is reminiscent of the Rhodesians who stayed behind after the mass exodus in 1980/81 - hoping it would get better only to see that 30 years later what they held onto is being taken away anyhow.SA HAS,IS,and WILL end up like the rest of Africa - raped, pillaged and destroyed (call it pessimistic but I call it realistic - look around you).
I left SA about 8 years ago.I have yearned to visit Durbs again but realise it is not the place I used to know.
I recently came across a controversial documentary DVD called "Africa Addio" which can also be seen on youtube and the situation is the same now nearly 40 years after it was made. The "natives" don't have the initiative to better themselves. Look at the Escom power supply problems among others. Rather than think ahead and better themselves they would simply use an infastructure that is already established and run it into the ground . They are swiftly destroying South Africa and are now following the white South Africans overseas.They wanted us out of Africa but now that virtually nothing is left they follow us like hyena after a lion's kill. You should see how they live even when they are abroad (witnessed 1st-hand in UK, New Zealand and Canada).

Ask them what is happening in the new South Africa and question the typical corruption and all they need to do is say "Aah, we suffered under apartheid". This smokescreen works everytime as it taps into the guilt trip that has been placed on us and distracts from what is really taking place now - rape, looting, pillaging and the rapid change from a jewel in Africa to just another african slum. Bitter? - you bet!! I understand why apartheid was a necessity.Without it we would have been dragged down sooner. I daily mourn the once prosperous and safe country of my birth and forebears. It has died and now the vultures are feasting on its' carcass.
Something to think about - :
If the Zulus in Natal were so hard done by why did the then colonial government have the need to bring in indentured labour from India for the sugar-cane industry? Even so,this minority group of Indians were brought in as a form of slavery, they somehow managed to become very successful - building their own university,becoming successful businessmen and women and top professionals even during an apartheid government.

I still watch in disbelief the way Mandela is portrayed as a saint in the world media. Having endured so-called hard labour on Robben Island (always shown as a top tourist spot - a "mecca" or birth-place for democracy). How is it that a terrorist like this managed to obtain a law degree through correspondence if he was working so damn hard outside and mistreated by his slave-drivers ?

Mahatma Ghandi should rather be given the true recognition he was due - a true hero !