Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tyd om te Trek (Time to Trek) - Bok van Blerk

From the CD Afrikanerhart. Although white, the Afrikaner nation consider themselves as white Africans, rather than Europeans. Over centuries they have committed themselves to the development of the African soil, to the benefit of all the nations in Southern Africa.

Many Afrikaners are finding it too difficult to cope with the high violent crime rate currently in South Africa, and have decided to move away (trek) to other Western countries. This is an extremely difficult decision to leave your beloved country and your family behind - like ripping out a piece of your heart.

Source: MasakhaneSA

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Anonymous said...

God bless the white Afrikaners in South Africa, and throughout the world. They are victims of genocide, and the rest of the world does not care or does not know about it - because they are WHITE.

I hope all you savage kaffirs burn in hell!

Lindsay said...

My children and I left South Africa 2 years ago because I want them to have a better future but we miss our beloved country very much. It's difficult to start over in a new country, to make friends and adapt to a different climate. We miss the family & friends we left behind. We miss thunderstorms and the smell of the rain. We miss many things about South Africa but we certainly don't miss the crime, the corruption and the incompetence which are all thanks to the ANC Government!

Anonymous said...

One of my favourite songs at the present time. There is others and guess what, they are all sung by this man.

You should try to list the song that he sung for our unsung hero's.
It's brilliant.

The man is fast becoming a legend and one day many decades from now, his music will be characterised as the Afrikaner's own "struggle" music.

Doberman said...

I agree with the sentiments expressed by three anons above. Well said.