Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tokyo keeps up the spend fest

Spend R69.6 million on "advertising" (code for parties) for a few people connected in the ANC hierarchy or build RDP houses for 6500 people? Easy. Make fist, extend middle finger, there's your answer.

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Zuma gravy express thunders on out of control -Tokyo Sexwale's ministry of human settlements spent an average of R72 000 a day over 103 days on wining, dining and hotels. Between April and October this year, more than R8-million was spent on hotel accommodation and restaurants, while R24-million was spent on travel.

Cape Town - The department of human settlements spent R60m on advertising during the 2008/09 financial year, despite its budget of just R20m. [R60 mil, R20 mil, close enough...]

The department said in reply to a Parliamentary question from the Democratic Alliance that the R60m included the 52 performances of a face-to-face housing consumer campaign and a housing awards ceremony. "The costs also include all advertising conceptualisation, production and procurement of media space for public broadcast or publication," the department said in its answer.

DA MP Butch Steyn said South Africa could not afford to continue spending massive amounts of money on advertising campaigns and events "which rarely have a direct impact upon rolling out of services". [it's about the partaay....]

"There is simply no excuse that funds are being wasted like this - money that should be spent eradicating the massive service delivery backlogs is instead being spent on self-congratulatory public relations campaigns and talk shops," Steyn said. [speak to the hand because the face don't wanna know]

'Could have been spent on RDP houses'

A reply to a separate question revealed that the department spent R9.6m on conferences, imbizos and seminars for the period January 1 2006 to September 1 2009, and R883 000 on travel costs for the functions. [eish...these parties, I can be having it]

Particularly concerning is the fact that R23.4m was spent on one particular campaign which, according to the reply, was intended to "continue to profile the housing programmes, developments, achievements and challenges to beneficiaries and the general public," Steyn said. "It is very difficult to see how R23m could be justified on this kind of self-indulgent marketing.

"This was not the only expenditure item of concern. One awards ceremony cost the department R1.8m to organise and host, another R600 000 for accommodation and transport, and another R930 000 to advertise. [

"In other words, it set the public purse back R3.3m.

"This R9.6m, added to the R60m spent on advertising, could have built RDP houses for another 6 500 South Africans," Steyn said. - SAPA

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