Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tide turns against Mr Hopeychangey

Richmond, Va. (AP) - Republican Bob McDonnell has easily won the Virginia governor's race just a year after the state went overwhelmingly for President Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Unofficial results show the former attorney general defeating Creigh Deeds and returning a Republican to the governor's office for the first time in eight years.

This race and the contest for governor of New Jersey are viewed as the first referendum on the president and the Democratic Congress before the 2010 mid-term elections.

A year ago, Obama became the first Democrat in 44 years to carry Virginia in a presidential race.

This time voters expressed angst about major Obama initiatives such as health care, energy and stimulus spending. But McDonnell dominated the campaign's central issues: jobs and the economy.

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Plus other major Super Tuesday result:

Democratic candidate squeaks in against unknown conservative independent in heavy Democrat-favoured territory New York District 23.

(Ace) - ANALYSIS: Remember "Angry White Men" in 1994? Peter Jennings' description of a historic, seismic victory by the Republicans thus: "Today the nation had a temper-tantrum" ?

That narrative is back in full force from CNN.

Notice it's not dissatisfaction with Obama that fuels this election, his broken hopes, his unfinished changes. No, to call it such would by implication lay the blame of this on Darling Leader's precious head.

Instead, chalk it up to only stupid, intemperate, raging anger and frustration, not anger at any particular thing (like Darling Leader and his trillion-dollar-deficits extending from here to eternity), just blind unreasoning rage at the world, not anyone's fault, really, except these ugly hateful twisted potato-slug-like mutants in the photo, who tend to blame everyone else for their own shortcomings.


Prediction: Newspapers carrying the election results on Page One will not, for once, have Darling Leader's smug face on the cover. They will attempt to distance him from this debacle.

Or else the haters will have won.


Dem Strategist Accuses Democrats of Dirty Tricks In New Jersey Governor’s Race

Democratic strategist Pat Caddell accused democrats of dirty tricks in the New Jersey Governor’s race today. There have been 15 times more absentee ballots turned in this year in Camden, New Jersey than last year when Barack Obama was running for president.

Caddell was on with Neil Cavuto.

More… In New Jersey there are reports of voter fraud- people are showing up to see they already voted.

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Anonymous said...

Followed the elections on Fox this evening. The Republicans have taken both seats - even after old MacDaddy went to compaign for the Democrats. Ha ha. Should be a huge kick in the nuts for the Dems and their "reforms". Let's hope that the USA whites catch a wake up and see that MacDaddy isn't as popular as they think he is. Imbecile.

Anonymous said...

Quite funny. When the Republican Chris Christie (Republican) made his acceptance speech, the crowd were chanting "yes we can!". Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

all that is insignificant if obama signs the copenhagen treaty next month. the said treaty overrides all national laws (incluing the constitution)of all countries that sign it to the benefit of the world government.


Totally irrelevant. Both parties and their henchmen originate from the same snake pit and are controlled by the same hand. The whole circus is just to make the super sized Yanks believe they have any choice in the direction their leaking ship is drifting. All this elections do is either increase or decrease the speed of the ship America moving towards its own demise. And for those that will ask uncomfortable questions there are hundreds of Fema camps waiting.

Anonymous said...

@ WHITEADDER, i agree totally what you say, but remember that the US ship is attached to other western countries (dinghies) with steel cables. if she goes down, the rest of the free world also goes down.

Anonymous said...

Great to see some contributors using their common sense!
"Two parties controlled by same hand", "world government"!
Now you're talking sense!

Kind Regards,
Common Sense