Friday, November 06, 2009

Third World comes to Peckham, London

A walk through the main shopping street in what used to be Peckham. The Third World has come to London and who can blame them when our liberal elite make it so easy for them. If I lived in Somalia or Pakistan, I'd be underneath the first lorry coming this way too!

The name Peckham is derived from the Anglo Saxon for"village amongst the hills.' To preserve some greenery Peckham Rye was bought in 1868 and maintained as common land. It was on Peckham Rye that an eight year old William Blake had his vision of a cloud of angels in an oak tree.

The indigenous white population have been replaced by a largely African population who buy their goods from Kurds, Afghan and Iraqi Muslims, many of whom ran for cover when they saw the camera.

Peckham now has one of the highest rates of HIV infection and street crime in Europe and the schools are 'no go areas' for indigenous white children. If British people want this "enrichment" why have they all left?

Did the British men who died in the trenches 90 years ago think that this is the England they were giving their lives for? The Tory/Labour Party has betrayed us all.

NOTE: Part #1 of this 2-part video has already been taken down by YouTube after a few days online, apparently due to "violation of terms". What? Taking a camera and filming a suburb in London violates "terms"? What terms would that be? Telling the truth?

My suggestion people is use LiveLeak or Daily Motion for uploading videos. Political correctness has gone amok at Google/YouTube

Source: Islam666AntiChrist

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Anonymous said...

The liberals in England, France and Sweden have allowed the kaffirs and sand kaffirs into their countries, which is turning these "first world" countries into "third world" countries.

These liberal leaders have sold out the white race in order to be politically correct. The liberals in the U.S. is doing the same thing by allowing the wet-back Mexicans to illegally cross the southern border.

Minorities are destroying once great white nations - they must be stopped, or the superior white civilization will disappear!

Anonymous said...

I followed a few of the threads on You Tube and I can tell you 99% of the comments posted were anti-Muslim and anti-Indian,Paki,Black that's probably why they removed these clips. The White people in England have woken up thanks to the BNP!

Tony said...

The video is propoganda made by someone who would like to see the UK have the sort of raced baced poitics you had in South Africa during the apartheid years. I guess this is why you like it so much. It is sad that you and your fellow bloggers feel unable to embrace the new South Africa. I luv your country but hate the views of you and your bloggers.

Anonymous said...

@ Tony, what a coincidence. I hate your views too.

h said...

@ Tony

What exactly do you 'luv' about South Africa? Please elaborate.

The video shows exactly what happens when 3rd world populations are allowed to emmigrate to 1st world countries. They bring 3rd world culture and ways of being.

Fact is that if apartheid was still enforced in South Africa today, more of the population would be educated. More would have healthcare. More would be middle class. Crime would not be out of control, the borders would be managed and patrolled properly and it would have a world class military. All the things that have been completely destroyed and eroded since apartheid was stopped.

If 3rd world people don't like their lives or their countries, they should fix it themselves and stay where they are. 1st world (and by that i mean primarily WHITE countries) should stop allowing these people in and also stop providing support / AID to these countries. These 3rd world countries should take care of themselves and their own problems rather than destorying other people's countries. If they don't like being poor, they should work and help each other to uplift the population. If they don't like their dictators, they should remove them and replace them with better politicians.

Sadly, the real reason for the problems in the 3rd world is due to their (generally) very low IQ and inability to achieve anything better than what you see today.

As far as i am concerned, Africa should stay black and Europe / North America / Australia / etc... should stay white. Apartheid works and should be the norm rather then the exception.

Now take yourself and go play in traffic... arsehole.

Viking said...

The person who made the video did so to draw the sharp contrast between Wembley's status as the home of English football and the un-Englishness of the surrounding area. A valid piece of social commentary if you ask me.

To be fair, standing outside a mosque, one is going to spot a lot of Muslims, but the point is, the area is not what you'd call "English".

I might have misinterpreted, but is the guy being heckled for speaking Welsh by those kids?