Thursday, November 19, 2009

Teenager Jailed For Raping Siblings

Here's a heart-warming tale from KZN that amply demonstrates that African cultural preference for violating females.

Raping is the panacea for a broad range of difficulties in South Africa:

Got aids?
Rape someone.

Not manly enough?
Rape Someone.

Suspected lesbian?
Rape her.

Don't like your granny?
Rape her.

Rape someone.

and now a new one-
Dad in jail for raping someone?
Rape someone. (preferably the same ones)

By Tania Broughton

An Umzinto teenager who raped his brother and two sisters because he was angry that his father had been jailed - also for raping the two girls - has been sent to prison for 10 years.

The 18-year-old, who cannot be named to protect the identities of his victims, this week pleaded guilty before Judge Achmat Jappie in the Ramsgate High Court to raping his 13-year-old sister twice in one week and holding her down while his friend did the same. He also admitted to raping his nine-year-old brother and another sister, who is 12, and to assaulting an eight-year-old sister by punching her on the back of her neck.

The rapes all took place over a period of 10 days in January, shortly after their father began serving a sentence of life imprisonment.

During sentencing proceedings, the teenager said he wanted to go to jail because he would come out a better person and hoped to re-unite with his family.

Details of the family life were disclosed to the court in a probation officer's report compiled by a social worker, C Mngadi. She said the mother relied totally on government grants to support the children.

"After the father was sent to jail, the accused told his mother that the extended family were not happy about what happened and wanted to kill her," she said.

The family then relocated to another area on the South Coast. The accused, who did odd jobs, followed a few days later and this was when the eldest daughter was first raped by him and his friend.

The second rape occurred when she refused to steal her mother's identity book and smart card for him. When she reported the incidents, the family were taken to a place of safety and it was there that the other children told their mother what had happened.

After his arrest, the teenager confessed saying "he was influenced by members of the extended family as well as his friends to avenge his father".

The judge sentenced him to 10 years imprisonment for each of the rapes, but ordered the sentences to run concurrently.

He will serve his time at the Ekuseni Youth Centre in Newcastle until he is 23.

4 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

The life of this savage kaffir should be terminated immediately. Even animals will not terrorize one of their own like this piece of manure did.

Anonymous said...

and do not forget this one....

Am angry because some students were perceived to have made a racist video in which some black cleaners were allegedly humiliated?

Threaten to rape all the white bitches.


Anonymous said...

The whole article is an exhibition of bantu logic, which may be likened to a chicken that had recently been liberated of it's head by a butcher.

Lots' of running around but not going anywhere specific.


Viking said...

nice one, A4