Monday, November 16, 2009

Aboriginal boy, 12, arrested and charged for stolen chocolate

You can guess the reaction. Suddenly Australia is the racism capital of the world. How many such cases as this? None. Just this one. But it's not about stealing or anything, or the victims, it's about the poor black boy.

The comments have been ebbing and flowing. Some praising the action, others not. A commenter called David said the following:
"Oh come on… how many of the people posting these comments arent city boys with white mans guilt!

Come and live in the country areas like darwin, Kalgoorlie and Port Headland and see if the aboriginal people are mistreated! We give them a government paycheck every week, free housing, cheap loans, government grants for business enterprise and we also usually sit back and let them booze up on the street being unproductive!

The amount of times aboriginals have gotten away with things is beyond me! Shitting on your lawn or lighting bonfires on your driveway its disgraceful!

I AM NOT RACIST! Some of my closest friends are also aboriginal! But they are the people who have made something of their lives and there privileges of free schooling and university!

This kid probably didnt deserve the punishment yet there is no need to whinge and claim Australians are racist! Only someone completely naive of the real situation would claim we are!!!!"

Indeed. Like I said, white guilt doesn't fly in Australia. Bullshit is bullshit and Australians are pragmatic that way. There is no tolerance for not doing "the right thing" or being "un-Australian". So yes, eventually, even 12 year old boys must face the music. We could learn from this zero-tolerance approach.


An aboriginal boy, 12, will face a children's court today charged with receiving a stolen Freddo frog.

The chocolate frog, allegedly shoplifted by the child's friend from a Coles supermarket in regional Western Australia, usually sells for about 70 cents.

The boy, who has no prior convictions, also faces a second charge involving the receipt of a novelty sign from another store. The sign, which was also allegedly given to the boy by his friend, read: ''Do not enter, genius at work.''

The boy's lawyer, Peter Collins, has lobbied WA police for the charges to be withdrawn, but authorities had failed to respond to his request, he said.

''It's scandalous that a 12-year-old child should be subject to prosecution for a case of this type,'' he told The Age.

Mr Collins said that when the boy last month missed a court date due to a family misunderstanding, police had apprehended him about 8am on a school day and taken him into custody. The boy was then imprisoned for several hours in the holding cell at the police station.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youths aged 10 to 17 were nearly 30 times as likely to be in detention on an average day than other children nationally, according to data released this month by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. In WA, the figure is 45 times.

A WA police spokesman said police had spoken to the boy before and it was appropriate the court should now decide what should happen next. - Read the full article: The Age Australia

2 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many white kids of 12 also get caught and prosecuted for the same thing in Oz?

Of course that won't make headlines because they are "privileged whites"

Anonymous said...

It happens all the time but it doesn't make waves because they are whites. Remember the ruse only works when it is white on non white. This kid apparently had been repeatedly warned and warned and let go until eventually the authorities pulled him in. You don't get that version of the story.