Monday, November 02, 2009

South Africa: Is crime being censored?

In a recent MyNews24 story Raise your hand, Richard Hipkin talks about how racism is fuelled in online forums such as MyNews24 and how the media seem to be adding to the fire by publishing stories like the one about Mandela being called the K-word or creating massive media frenzies surrounding the Reitz 4 or the Waterkloof 4 and many others. These are stories that media make big headlines out of. I can't really blame them as sensationalism sells and makes money so by publishing stories about racism, the media are sure to win.

Keeping this in mind, I have three issues I'd like to discuss:

1. Is the media's view biased when it comes to racist crime?

2. Why don't the media apply this same thought process by sensationalising crime?

3. Why is the most horrific crime censored by the media as surely this crime is the most sensational?

Point 1:

If four white students initiating black matrons is a sensational story then surely a group of six white students being attacked with bricks and being threatened with rape by a group of black students is also just as sensational? I don't know if it's politically incorrect for black on white crime to be reported as such or if maybe it's because the majority of the population outnumber the minority by 10:1 so may it makes economical sense to be biased.

Point 2:

I know the media has its hands full with the current crime situation and has stories coming through per the hour. Why not sensationalise these stories by adding the element of race to the stories eg. "White Plett couple murdered by black men" or "White gang brutally rape black woman"? Surely this will create more sensationalism and increase sales.

Point 3:

The more brutal the crime, the more sensational! Just look at Bundy or Jack the Ripper. Newspapers sold like hotcakes because of their brutal crimes. Are the most horrific stories too hardcore for the media to publish or are they censoring these stories in order to maintain the countries image as a civilised nation and to create a picture to the world that we are decent people?

Here are some examples of these stories which will be hugely sensational if published outside of SA:

* Farm woman murdered, partially disembowelled and body hung upside down.

* Woman raped, tortured, murdered by impalement with broomstick.

* Woman hijacked, abducted, raped, stabbed 45 times in chest, 30 stab wounds in back. Body was found in Diepsloot squatter camp.

Why do the media censor the reality in SA? Surely these incidents are sensational on its own?

To conclude it looks to me as though the media can sensationalise racist incidents but then not apply the same rationale to crime which is a worry as crime is a way bigger issue than racism.

Hat tip: Black Coffee

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Anonymous said...

In the demented depths of the liberal multi-culti-ethno-crapical mind it is seen as impossible for a black to racist.

After all they are the ones that accuse "Wa-a-a-a-y-si-i-i-i-i-sts" continually.

I think these fucktards need to ask them selves a very serious question and answer it with brutally honest intellectual integrity.

The question is this: "Is it a worse abuse of human rights for a white man to call a geriatric black marxist terrorist killer and atrocity mastermind a 'kaffir' or for us to sweep the brutal, savage, gang-rape, torture and death by impalement of a white woman by a gang of racist black thugs under the carpet and to label it merely as a 'crime'?"

If they can answer that honestly we can make progress. If not... Keep buying ammo, stashing food an fuel, and getting fit. Make plans and backup plans for your backup plans.

The end result of the media willfully covering the genocide of whites up and knowingly aiding and abetting the forment of anti-white racism by their actions is going to end in blood. I feel there is a civil war brewing in this country and it is going to end very badly for a lot of people. Fortunately Europe is soon going to be embroiled in their own little civil wars - there is already a low intensity conflict in France, and has been for a few years.