Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Schools of Shame

Welcome to edukashun ANC style. Disgusting stuff. Wanna bet these blacks would welcome the so-called vile bantu education of apartheid South Africa over this? There's money for luxuries, hotels, dining and wining, plus hundreds of millions for new government departments but no money for the basics. Slowly but deliberately, like a laser-guided missile that has lost contact with its controller, South Africa returns to the bush that it was before the white man so rudely developed it.

Part 1: An overview of the problems besetting schools in the East Cape, from lack of furniture and equipment to unusable bathroom facilities and crumbling buildings.

Part 2: Teachers and a concerned parent point out the dilapidated states of their schools, the lack of electricity and the problems caused by vandalism.

Source: The Herald

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Anonymous said...

Yep... Returning to the state it was in before we dragged it kicking and screaming into the modern world. The baby still screams and kicks and "bens it with fiya end danceeng".

On a more sober note:
11-11-1965 - The greatest nation that ever existed cut itself free from the bonds of English Imperialism and Unilaterally Declared their Independence.

Yes - Anniversary of Rhodesian UDI!!!

Based on the 1776 Declaration by the American Patriots it was delivered at 13H00 hours (11H00 GMT) to the British Prime Minister, symbolically reminding the British of the contribution the Rhodesians made to the allied cause in both world wars. Per Capita, Rhodesia supplied more troops to the cause of freedom than any nation on earth. Truly a nation of heroes and warriors.

Immediately condemned by the UN and Britain, Rhodesia stood alone. "We will stand tall in the sunshine, with truth on our side and if we have to go alone, we'll go alone with pride." Until the (almost) the very end, South Africa was the only supporter of Rhodesia, finally selling her out to buy more time for themselves.

As a Republic with a qualified franchise, Rhodesia had very few "racist" policies (less than existed in the USA at the time), but this was not good enough for the "democracy" peddlers who would only recognize "one man, one vote" democracy. The very system that has enslaved the tax paying white South Africans to the demands and vagaries of the unemployed and unemployable black masses.

"One man, one vote" democracy only works in homogeneous societies, as the USA is very quickly finding out. The qualified franchise ensured that those people (black and white) who had "proved" themselves worthy, and who had a vested interest in the country were alone entitled to have a say in the running of its affairs. Far more democratic, in fact, than the current tyranny of the ignorant many democracies now find themselves in.

Anonymous said...

Eeish, but we have shiny new soccer stadiums

Anonymous said...

Got to love the dark glasses she is wearing. Maybe that is why she cannot see inside?