Sunday, November 01, 2009

School failed to act against Asian thugs for fear of being called racists

I'm immune to the accusation of racist. Using it against me is as effective as hitting an elephant with a spoon. I won't feel it but I can and will hit you back harder. I see it rather quite as a compliment, a badge of honour. I say pride because I became thankfully one of the few whites that managed to pull his head out of his arse in time. To me racism, and listen carefully BC, is not about superiority of one race over another but the recognition that different races exist and demanding that each race conduct itself to the same criteria as all the rest. It's about respect, fairness and equal treatment. What your version says is that blacks are incapable of making the grade and therefore need exceptions or a hand-up from, who else, whites, like you. Now isn't that just a most patronising racist concept?

And BC, it is not a 'social construct' either as you so wishfully claim and propagate but a scientifically proven, DNA-verified FACT that several races, indeed possibly, different species, of 'humanity' exist on the planet today. But put that aside for now.

When I talk about race issues and concern myself with the interests first and foremost of my own race, the race into which I was born and of whose achievements I happen to be very, very proud, I am not being racist, I am being, to use politically correct verbiage created by your ilk, ethnically aware. I have to be or I will be trodden on by other races who demand and get much more than they deserve, or earned. For instance the story below illustrates how distorted and pussy whipped white establishment and society has become by the dogma of political correctness and multiculturalism, to the detriment of their own good.

But rest assured, whites have had enough. You can only back someone into a corner for so long before they HAVE to push back. The rise of the BNP and other parties like it in Europe attests that whites have been pushed far enough and have awoken to the danger. Those ethnic minorities who were allowed into white countries as a result of the goodness and charity of white people will only have themselves to blame for the backlash that is coming. And not a minute too soon either.


He said he was Henry Webster when he stepped into the witness box at London High Court last week. But this wasn’t the Henry Webster family and friends knew.

He was a 6ft-2in rugby player, not someone who struggled to say full sentences. Instead of preparing for college or university, he has been left with learning difficulties, short-term memory loss, and epilepsy.

Henry was attacked with a claw hammer that left an inch-deep impression on his skullby 12 teenage thugs.

Those were the odds when a gang of Asian youths ambushed him. After their work was done, they said, ‘that’s what you call Paki bashing,’ Dailymail reports.

The thugs have been jailed, but Henry’s family believe teachers at his school, near Swindon, where the assault took place in 2007, are as guilty.

They say, the school allowed ethnic minority pupils to get away with misbehaviour, and then gave them less severe punishments than white classmates because staff feared they might be accused of racism.

In other words, a culture of ‘educational apartheid’ prevailed in all but name at Ridgeway School.

Had this not been the case, Henry’s parents insist, their son would probably not have sustained brain damage outside the school tennis courts one day in January nearly three years ago.

They have now brought a civil action against Ridgeway and are seeking compensation of up to £1 million. The allegations amount to a devastating indictment not just of Ridgeway, but of policies that were supposed to lead to integration, not segregation, in British schools.

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Anonymous said...

I hope they win. Schools are being bullied and are not acting out against these thugs enough. The old adage "spare the rod, spare the child" is coming back to bite these PC do-gooders in the behind. I hope the school systems around the world start waking up and start implementing corporal punishment again. And I'm not suggesting uncontrolled bashing of children before I get lynched here for daring to suggest this. My kids got/get a good hiding when they deserve it and now I don't have to talk or smack as much as they know what the consequences are.