Friday, November 06, 2009

Royal pain in the ass for the South African taxpayer

I'm not sure what purpose this 'kingdom' serves save to bleed us taxpayers dry. Honestly, it is not my intention to depress you folks what with the imminent 20% jump in council rates and all, but why keep these people on our dime? R40 million a year - on one individual?! Some might argue, ja, other countries keep monarchs, look at Queen Elizabeth, she costs the British taxpayer a packet. Yeah, but it's been calculated that she more than covers her keep with astute private investments and the revenue from tourism. What does this bloke do for us?

Auditor-General Terence Nombembe helped force the KwaZulu-Natal government to finalise its year-long deliberation on a royal trust when he told the legislature that the royal household's spending was in need of attention.

It emerged that the true extent of expenditure from King Zwelithini's combined budget - more than R80-million in the past two years - had not been disclosed to the auditor-general because auditors were denied access to the six royal palaces.

However, what is known is that the royal family battled to make ends meet last year.

They spent R51.1-million maintaining their palaces and the fleet of luxury cars for Zwelithini's six wives. They also spent R200000 on expensive linen, splurged on designer clothes and went on expensive holidays.

"The royal household's finances is a complex animal to manage. It has been a matter of trial and error. We acknowledge the challenges and plan to revamp them to ensure that the trend is reversed," KwaZulu-Natal Premier Zweli Mkhize said.

A trust was put in place to manage the royal household's affairs.

A decision to sell King Zwelithini's unused R2.5-million house in Assagay was announced. "The house purchased for the use of His Majesty was not utilised due to security considerations unforeseen at the time of the purchase," said Mkhize.

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AMB said...

Wow - they're going to sell one of his properties for R2.5 Million! Now, where did the other R77.5M go?? And the poor looked on....

Anonymous said...

The ANC bought his loyalty with taxpayers money.
Viva Mandela

Anonymous said...

I have lived next to the sea for the past 50 years and can honestly say that their has not been 1 inch of sea level rise.

For me it is a myth. A scare mongering tactic. Everyone talks about it, but as yet nobody has actually seen it.

As it has not been documented, it is an hypothesis and a piss poor one at that.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how very subtly the focus has shifted from global warming to climate change. This is because their is scientific evidence that disproves global warming.

This whole "much ado about nothing" is a huge propaganda strategy to implement a carbon tax.

This is a process by which most people will pay certain other people for the privilege of breathing.

Climate change is a fact, BUT the reasons for it are not the false reasons as given to us by the greedy, money hungry elite.

As it stands today it is a money making scam.