Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Resort rocked by fatal shooting

I knew the person that was killed in this robbery. This is my tribute to the family that remain behind. Crime in South Africa is bad and I'm not ignorant about the circumstances. Still, that doesn't mean my heart hasn't been ripped out by the loss of this person. No doubt by now one of the robbers bought a new watch; or maybe a pair of sunglasses. They'll be visiting the bottle store soon, if they haven't already.

BRAZEN robbers brought Main Street traffic to a standstill in Kenton-on-Sea when they shot and killed a shop manager as he walked to a bank with two relatives to deposit weekend takings.

Police have launched a massive hunt for the five- man gang after they escaped with an undisclosed sum in yesterday’s daring mid- morning heist.

The brutal attack has rocked the normally quiet seaside resort as word rapidly spread of the murder.

Although police would not release his name yesterday – until his next of kin have been contacted – shocked locals said the popular shop manager’s wife was pregnant with their third child.

Staff who worked with the murdered man had to receive trauma counselling yesterday to try and help them cope with the killing.
A helicopter and dozens of police patrolled the area, while others set up roadblocks across the district.

Horrified locals stood around Main Street waiting to hear if the suspects had been arrested, but by late yesterday the gang had disappeared into thin air.

Police spokesman Captain Mali Govender said last night they were still unsure of the direction in which the gang had escaped.

She said “several shots” were fired by one of the gangsters after the manager – who was walking with two relatives – struggled with the armed man and an accomplice
The manager, who was wounded during the struggle, died in an ambulance on his way to hospital.

Although the men escaped in a white Nissan sedan parked in a street behind Standard Bank, Govender confirmed police were also searching for a blue Toyota Corolla and a silver-grey Isuzu double cab that were parked outside the Main Street bank.

A traumatised Kenton-on-Sea artist, who was near the Standard Bank branch “running errands” yesterday, said she heard three shots and screams before she noticed the shop manager “lying on the pavement right outside the bank”.

She said people were crying in the streets after the attack and that children at a nearby primary school had been locked in their classes out of fear that the gang had fled through the school grounds.

“Everybody is shocked and freaked out,” the artist said. “It was surreal.

“I was on the pavement when I heard shots, screams and saw people running.”

The woman said the popular shop manager had a pregnant wife and two young children.

Local tourism head Erica McNulty said the murder was “absolutely awful” and “very tragic”.

“People were going about their Monday business when it happened right in the middle of town,” McNulty said. “The whole place is gobsmacked.” – Daily Dispatch

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Doberman said...

There is nowhere safe in SA anymore. At any moment, your life can be taken away. So mindless.

Dachshund said...


Anonymous said...

Another tax payer killed. I wonder if the moronic ANC can work out consequences. Most of my friends are busy disengaging and have plans in place to say good bye to South Africa. Some are out already. All of them professionals or business people.
Less tax in future, less jobs around ,less VAT collected...

Peter said...

Another murder, another poor wife and children left behind and their lives ruined.
And will the murderers be caught, probably not.
The police (the few that are not criminals themselves) have lost it.

Anonymous said...

He was shot AFTER he gave them the money. What animal does that?

FishEagle said...

From the Herald Online -

They shot him once in the leg and he threw the money to them ... he was only concerned about the safety of his wife. They had the money, but they still shot him in the chest.

This is the nature of crime in SA. It's NOTHING out of the ordinary. It's fucked up!

Anonymous said...

I call them monsters. Animals have instincts which explains their behaviour.
These monsters have NOTHING to explain their behaviour.

Bring back the rope.
No man= no problem.

FishEagle said...

Anon 3.23. I actually heard a good theory about the death sentence yesterday. They shouldn't bring back the death sentence for criminals like these. Instead, they should work the criminals to death. That way they put back into society which they took out, plus you don't need a hang man - a job nobody wants.