Monday, November 02, 2009

Racism Still Alive But Only In Black People

Why is it that the liberal mainstream (old) media is prepared at a moment's notice to shove a microphone under the noses of the terrible twins, the race hustling reverends, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton yet will not give this man Rev Dr James Manning any airtime? It's obvious, he points out the self-evident and the truth about race relations in America that makes liberals uncomfortable. Feigned victimisation and white guilt go hand in hand and has become an industry which sells newspapers and fills the pockets of the hustlers. It plays into the agenda of social engineers who want to milk ever last drop out of whites, every little bit of change and concessions from whites before most whites awaken to the fact that they are being had.

Boomshakalaka my good reverend!

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Anonymous said...

The USA blacks don't want to listen. It's so much easier to blame the white folk for all their shortcomings. If they can keep that old racism trump card alive for eternity the better for them to excuse everything they don't accomplish.