Thursday, November 05, 2009

R918,096 on 10 parties

Partygate: R918,000 to table labour annual reports

In response to a Democratic Alliance (DA) parliamentary question, the minister of labour has revealed that 10 statutory bodies that fall under his department held functions to celebrate the tabling of their annual reports, at a cost of R918,096.79.

The ten bodies, and the cost of their functions, are as follows:

  • BANKSETA - R 104,709.46
  • CHIEFA - R 47,485.00
  • FASSET - R 235,885.22
  • FOODBEV - R 16,500
  • INSETA - R 9,513
  • MAPPP - R 22,681.11
  • MQA - R 150,000.00
  • MERSETA - R 242,251.00
  • SERVICES SETA - R 31,000.00
  • W&RSETA - R 58,072
  • TOTAL - R 918,096.79

The reply was in response to a generic question which the DA has asked to every department.

It appears that there is nothing the ANC won't celebrate. From tabling annual reports, through to delivering budget speeches, anything and everything is an excuse for a party. Indeed, we are now holding parties to celebrate the tabling of documents, a practice that is required by law! Are we going to have parties every time we abide by the law?

Particularly frivolous expenditure included:

  • R6,000 spent by the BANKSETA on invitations, and R75,000 spent on newspaper adverts;
  • R10,200 spent on accommodation by the CHIETA.
  • R12,600 spent on d├ęcor, printing and technical production for the FASSET, and R56,314.80 on event coordination.
  • R1,000 on booking fees by the INSETA.
  • R26,000 on newspaper adverts by the SERVICES SETA.
  • R17,000 travel and accommodation for W&RSETA board members, together with R14,991 on gifts.

Significantly, the MAPPP SETA, despite having a heavily qualified audit opinion from the Auditor-General, saw fit to have a party in the first place, which suggests it is perfectly happy to use public money to celebrate its own dismal failure.

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h said...

They should be investigating the suppliers of services for these parties. I bet my left nut that the owners of the companies providing the services for the parties are probably family members or friends of the people paying for the services.