Sunday, November 15, 2009

Possibly SIX million illegals in South Africa although regime admits they have no clue

That's your problem right there. It could be more, we don't know. Six million people have to survive somehow. They do that by stealing. Stealing from citizens and stealing jobs. A study once found that 80% of squatters derived their income from stealing from surrounding neighbourhoods. This is an insurmountable problem and getting worse by the day, a problem that would test the best-run countries in the world much less the rabble that pass for "government" in our country. Basically she's admitting one thing. They all look the same, how are we supposed to tell them apart? Tut. Exactly what we've been saying forevah.

Cape Town -
Home affairs, responsible, among other things, for tracing and deporting illegal immigrants, has no idea how many there are in the country.

The police go on to say most of these illegal immigrants "may belong to the economically-active age group, as well as the high crime-risk age group"

Responding to a question at a parliamentary media briefing on Thursday, Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said providing such a figure was "difficult".

Asked to give her department's latest estimate of the number of people illegally living and working in South Africa, she replied: "I don't know. If somebody's here illegally, how do I know they are here? I do not know, that's an honest answer."

Could be up 6 million

But the SA Police Service, in its latest (2008/09) annual report, notes there could be as many as six million "undocumented" foreigners in the country.

"According to various estimates, the number of undocumented immigrants in South Africa may vary between three and six million people," the report said.

The police go on to say most of these illegal immigrants "may belong to the economically-active age group, as well as the high crime-risk age group".

Only asylum seeker figures

Asked to confirm whether her department had "absolutely no estimate" of the number of illegal immigrants, Dlamini-Zuma said the only figures she could offer were those of asylum seekers.

"What I can tell you is that [last year] there were about 110 000 applications for asylum. Only 10 000 were agreed to as genuine asylum seekers and those were then given refugee status.

"The rest would have had to leave by either deportation or voluntarily... But as for those who don't turn up at our offices, either as asylum seekers or permit seekers or anything, it's very difficult [for me to] give you a figure for that," Dlamini-Zuma said.

According to the South Africa Year Book - a Government Communication and Information System publication - her department's immigration branch is responsible for "tracing and removing foreigners who are considered undesirable or who are in South Africa illegally". - SAPA

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Lindsay said...

Having left South Africa 2 years ago because of crime etc. I couldn't believe it when I heard that according to the Border Control Police there are about 1 million illegal immigrants living in the United Kingdom! Scary stuff.

Exzanian said...

Lindsay 16 November 2009 12:13 AM
I have been the UK for over 3 years and those 1 million do not give me any sleepless nights, the figures are probably accurate and the authorities could round 'em up in a week. Look at the situation in SA, they have'nt got the foggiest idea. Nothing whatsoever. Talk about sleepless nights, the country is unmanagable.

Viking said...

- why don't they, Ex?
What do normal British people (a quarter of whom support bnp policies it seems) have to say about them?
The Brits are not as afraid to be un-PC as the Canadians are...

Exzanian said...

Viking...Why don't they round 'em up? If that's what you're asking, you did a post "from Academia, with love"
That explains it nicely. It's Anglo-Saxon superiority, laced with dollops of guilt, pure and simple.