Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pardon? Perfect response to Zuma affording Shaik one

Michael Trapido weighs in on the unpardonable act of Zuma granting his bum chum Shaik amnesty. What still confounds me is how Trapido could endorse and indeed vote for the ANC at the last election if he knew these chicaneries were the order of the day bound to worsen under Zuma.

Speculation is mounting that President Jacob Zuma will pardon convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik and before Christmas too. This despite previous denials that it was being contemplated.

“Zuma not only has the power to pardon, he also has the power to return the R39.2 million that the state confiscated from Shaik — and expunge his criminal record — even though Shaik is his friend and was sent to jail for fraud and corruption relating to Zuma.” (iol)

Now as many of you recall Schabir was afforded medical parole based upon the recommendation of three doctors (by their mothers maybe) who confirmed that he was on the last leg of a terminal illness.

They forgot to mention that “last leg” when you have the bends (it’s a diving term look it up) shall mean approximately 33 years.

Of course the fact that genuine prisoners, who are terminally ill and qualify for this parole, are regularly turned down must not make you lot think that there are two laws — one for the rich and powerful and one for the rest.

It is in fact one law where the rich and powerful get to jump the queue, are favoured when they don’t even qualify and of course often don’t find themselves being prosecuted.

Of course many of you lot (don’t let me catch anyone sniggering) will be asking why Schabir even needs a pardon. After all he’s keeping his golf handicap up, buying property and driving his BMW.

That’s because you lot are stupid.

Schabir is almost a prisoner under house arrest who can’t even go out to fancy restaurants or play sport without some wanker telling the press. In your final 33 years would you like to be caged up like an animal?

Of course not.

The decent thing to do is to grant him a pardon and be done with it.

What should we as South Africans who have once again been shown the middle finger do in response?

Develop a collective national deafness.

When you are pulled over by a traffic officer who tries to get your details just repeat “pardon?” ad nausea.

When you are brought before a court and charged with anything just repeat “pardon?” ad nausea.

When the government wants to know why you don’t pay tax, refuse to pay for services or anything else for that matter just repeat “pardon?” ad nausea.

It will be our way of “celebrating” Schabir’s pardon along with the government.

Of course the government understands the “pardon?” approach.

When we called for the Scorpions to be retained they went — “pardon?”

When we asked for an arms deal inquiry they went — “pardon?”

When we said don’t release Shaik they went — “pardon?”

This list is so endless that to even attempt to try and set it all out would require years that only Schabir has left to live.

Besides in this wonderful era of collective deafness — none so deaf as those who won’t hear — we all get to ignore each other and enjoy unlimited freedom ie no freedom at all.