Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Nothing to lose at the start

Kader Asmal, ANC stalwart and former Minister of Education, said last week that “outrageous and pro vocative and destructive remarks by a deputy minister and MK veterans” suggested that the ANC’s “moral compass” had “lost its sense of direction”.

ANC - VIP's of Violence

He’s wrong. For over 30 years, the ANC has never had a moral direction to lose.

Fikile Mbalula, Deputy Minister of Police, called Asmal a “raving lunatic” and the MK Veterans said, “We advise Kader Asmal to go to the nearest cemetery and die if that is the choice he had made.”

There was other threatening abuse against Asmal. On the face of it, this was because Asmal had criticised the notion of reintroducing apartheid-style military ranks in the police. But the real reason was revealed by Mbalula in a Sunday paper when he wrote that Asmal was “still stuck in disbelief and shock at the Polokwane outcomes”.

Asmal was part of the ANC’s ruling faction under President Thabo Mbeki. When Mbeki was heaping abuse on those who argued against his mad policies on HIV/Aids or those who criticized his support for Robert Mugabe’s crooked elections, I do not remember any pleas for tolerance from Asmal.

But now there is a new ruling faction in the ANC, and Asmal is not part of it. That is why they hate him so. This new faction is simply carrying on the ANC’s tradition of com plete intolerance of all critics and opponents.

After the Soweto riots of 1976, the ANC realized it had no control over ordinary black people.

It decided to gain control by force and terror, by violent and brutal elimination of any opposing groups or ideas. This was the “People’s War”, in which tens of thousands of black people were slaughtered.

It is described in grim and frightening detail by Anthea Jeffery in her authoritative book, People’s War: New Light on the Struggle for South Africa, which I advise everyone who wants to understand our past to read it.

MK did not engage in military action against the armed forces of apartheid. Instead they killed civilians.

A bomb in a restaurant was their idea of military valour.

Nelson Mandela’s tolerance and grace was exceptional. So is Jacob Zuma’s openness now.

But overwhelmingly the ANC has been and remains a narrow, bigoted, ruthless party whose compass only ever points in one direction: towards total power and total control.

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Anonymous said...

Good post. Know thine enemy. Be under no illusions what the ANC is. It was, is and will always be about power and keeping it by whatever means possible even if it means destroying the country.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to refer to the inglorious mKontho WeSizwe (the Spear of the Nation) as mThondo We Sizwe (the PHALLUS of the Nation).

This is after some dealings with them in various townships. While never posing anything more challenging than a rapidly dwindling moving target to security forces they were always very adept at the intimidation, murder and rape of women and children - hence the reference... Well, they also pretty much fucked (up) everything they came across too.


The ANC were always and still are the illegitimate voice of the people. They rule the townships by "street committees", threats and examples of violence, and promises of wealth through the ballot. That the masses continue to vote for them in droves says more about them than it does the ANC. They are merely playing to the blacks inherent weakness to create anything of substance - or to look after themselves.