Sunday, November 01, 2009

No let up in ANC waste of taxpayers money

And it's only been six months...oy vey.

Johannesburg -
Government's "wasteful expenditure" currently stands at R326m, due largely to the purchase of more luxury vehicles for ministers and their deputies and the hosting of lavish parties, the Democratic Alliance said on Sunday.

[..the R589m spent on Zuma's larger Cabinet could have been used to build...10 000 RDP houses for people...]

Of that, almost R8m was spent in the past two weeks.

"The R7.7m increase is the result of money having been spent purely on unnecessary luxuries. The ANC government's insistence on throwing parties at the drop of a hat is costing the South African taxpayer millions of rands," said spokesperson Lindiwe Mazibuko.

Mazibuko said the DA's "Wasteful Expenditure Monitor" indicates that numerous departments have splashed out a total of R2.5m on unnecessary budget vote parties. The energy department was the highest at R412 077.

"Arriving at these parties in style must be one of the main attractions, as BMWs, Mercs, 4x4s and other flashy vehicles have all been bought for ministers," Mazibuko added.

"And if national police chief Bheki Cele is anything to go by, then leaving the party is indeed a "grand exit" if you have a palatial house to go home to - Cele's costing in the region of R3.3m.

"This lavish spending by the ANC-led government shows no sign of abating, as President Jacob Zuma publicly calls for financial austerity but repeatedly fails to act on those who don't listen to him," said Mazibuko.

This includes "former defender of austerity Trevor Manuel, who joined his colleagues in buying the ever-desirable BMW 750i, kitted out with a selection of luxury extras".

The DA also revealed that the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (Psira), the public body that regulates the private security industry and controls the practices of private security service providers has purchased R615 043 worth of printer cartridges that were not compatible with their printers.


Meanwhile, DA spokesperson on finance Dion George said the R589m spent on Zuma's larger Cabinet could have been used to build houses for people.

"The R589m could have built more than 10 000 RDP [Reconstruction and Development Programme] homes (at R54 000 per unit). That would represent a real and tangible impact on the lives of thousands of ordinary South Africans," said George.

He called the establishment of new government departments and the appointment of additional ministers and deputy ministers a "political exercise" to appease the various factions within the ANC with "perks and privileges of executive office".

"Whether these new ministries will be able to have an equivalent impact is difficult to measure, but if precedent is any indication they will not," he said. - SAPA

5 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

When all the whites in South Africa leave, or are murdered, the savage ANC kaffirs will not be able to afford these luxury cars or anything else.

South Africa is turning into "south" Zimbabwe, thanks to the ANC kaffirs.

h said...

There is plenty of mineral wealth in SA and there will be a very rich elite left, with the masses dirt poor ala ZIM. I truly wish that those at the top will suffer, but they will most likely live like kings off the spoils of their 'liberation'. The world will continue to pay SA for the mineral wealth for generations to come, propping up the marxist rulers.

Anonymous said...

That's great. Let their electorate live in poverty. They cried and toi-toied for this so let them eat cake. The whites need to leave and let these idiots get all that they're owed and what's coming to them. Viva ANC viva.

dotthis said...

These comments crack me up, I laugh how it's all how the whites must leave this country yadda yadda blah blah...what about the rest of the races in this country? all you'll see is black and white. All the other races been kicked down by the whites in the past and now been kicked down by the blacks. You'll both made of the same fucken scum and now you'll wanna complain, cause you white people aren't the ones exploiting anymore. You whites started the process of ruining this country and the blacks are continuing it...never forget that before you wanna start talking about the ANC ravaging the country.

Viking said...

If you admit that the 'other races' are all being kicked down by the blacks, stop voting for them.
I can vouch that there are plenty of Indian and Coloured South Africans living abroad, and those that remain may all end up leaving too one day.
Right now there are a lot of Coloured people in SA calling themselves "black" and revelling in the ANC's rule. It's hard to have solidarity with them.