Friday, November 06, 2009

More and More Whites Fighting Back Against Anti-White Discrimination

On Wednesday a federal court [in the US] awarded Mark Pasternak $150,000 in his case against his former boss for racial discrimination.

The case is similar to countless others brought over the years, except for one thing: Pasternak is white, his boss Tommy Baines is black.

Pasternak, 48, claimed that over the years he worked for Baines at a New York state job with Children and Family Services, he was repeatedly harassed with racial slurs and other forms of discrimination based upon his skin color.

"You’re a white boy, and I don’t like white boys," Pasternak said Baines told him, "Handle it."

In addition to being called names like "stupid white boy," "cracker," and "Polack" during the three years they worked together, Pasternak claims that Baines sabotaged his work environment by changing the locks on filing cabinets and hiding documents Pasternak needed to file.

"I was sick to my stomach," said Pasternak to
The Buffalo News.

Pasternak only resorted to suing Baines personally after the state dismissed his case in 1999. However, in 1998 the state did carry out an investigation of the issue and fined Baines $2,000. Baines was allowed to keep working as Pasternak’s supervisor.

2 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mark P. in his victory over the kaffir. The white race is superior - it is about time the kaffirs realize it!

Viking said...

We may be slow off the mark, but we can play the equality game too. The Equality Industry has woken the sleeping giant... the Ricci case is a prime example.