Monday, November 16, 2009

Monckton climate change video goes viral

I don't see how poorer, underdeveloped countries have a claim to reparations from First World countries for damages to the environment, in particular the atmosphere. That's bull shit. We've been enjoying the fruits of others' labours in the form of food, technology and modern comforts and therefor indirectly contributed to the problem of carbon emissions in developed countries. The obvious flaw in the proposed Copenhagen treaty is the usual presumption that the West owes everybody everything. I do not support this agreement in it's current format. It's such a shame that there is a political agenda that is potentially hindering the progress in solving the climate crisis; and it's at the expense of all of us.

Video of Lord Monckton Warning of Copenhagen Climate Treaty Exceeds 3.5 Million Views in a Single Month.

Minneapolis – A video of Lord Christopher Monckton warning of the impending Copenhagen climate treaty has received over 3.5 million views in 30 days, according to Minnesota Majority, the organization responsible for posting the original 4-minute excerpt of Monckton’s speech. The organization says that its original clip, together with the 100+ cloned versions that now exist on YouTube, in total exceeded 3.5 million views as of November 15, 2009. The video clip made Minnesota Majority the #1 most viewed Non-Profit & Activism channel in the month of October on YouTube.

[ Note: Also I have a link to the draft Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty here Monckton’s Powerpoint presentation used at that speech is available in PDF format here (warning large download 17.5 MB) - Anthony]

See the video below.

The video clip is an excerpt from a 95-minute speech given by Lord Christopher Monckton at an event sponsored by the Minnesota Free Markets Institute in St. Paul, Minnesota on October 14. Monckton, former science advisor to Margaret Thatcher and a noted climate change expert, presented evidence dispelling the theory of man-made global warming (the 'evidence' is still being debated and far from conclusive). He also warned that America’s sovereignty may be at risk if the United States signs the treaty scheduled to be negotiated at a United Nations climate change summit beginning on December 7 in Copenhagen. Monckton says that the Copenhagen treaty will cede U.S. sovereignty, mandate a massive wealth transfer from the United States to pay reparations for ‘climate debt’ to third world countries and create a new ‘world government’ to enforce the treaty’s provisions.

The Monckton speech has spurred a national debate on the issues of man-made global warming and the Copenhagen Treaty. His comments have been featured on Fox Business, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, The Wilkow Majority, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin and Breitbart TV. An hour-long segment featuring Lord Monckton and Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton was aired on the October 30th edition of the Glenn Beck Show.

The Monkton video also helped to launch a national petition drive opposing the Copenhagen Treaty as well as domestic cap-and-trade legislation. The petition, which is hosted at, has generated over 135,000 messages to Congress.

“The more people learn about the supposed issue of ‘climate change’ and how green extremists intend to control our lives, the more skeptical they become,” said Jeff Davis, president of Minnesota Majority.

Monckton’s message appears to be having an impact. Last week, key US Senate Democrats said it is unlikely there will be any additional action on climate-change legislation this year. The Obama administration had hoped to seal a deal on domestic cap-and-trade legislation prior to attending the Copenhagen conference in December. Earlier this month, The Times reported that all hope is lost for a deal in Copenhagen and that a world treaty on climate change will likely be delayed by up to a year.

Davis warns now is not the time for treaty opponents to rest on their laurels. “We may have bought ourselves some time,” said Davis. “But green extremists will be back in-force trying to advance both domestic cap-and-trade legislation and an international climate treaty that will rob us of our liberties and grant government more control over our lives.”

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Anonymous said...

Here is more information from Christopher Monckton:

Anonymous said...

I've said this before and I will say it again. Climate change is real, BUT the way it being handle now is because it has an political agenda, a political GOAL.

Fact is that communism has not died. It has merely transformed itself, it has morphed and today can be found in most of the ideologies of the stupid liberal left. Multi-culturalism, egalitarianism etc. are all ways of creating the communist proletariat, ie. the system where all men are equal.

This is the view that they want to project to the world, brotherly love through equality and all that crap.

What they don't want to tell you is that the proletariat only has one class,(equality) in that all are equally poor and uneducated. No middle class exists because they normally object to being ruled as slaves.

So to get back to the subject in hand.
Climate change is real, but there are many forms of pollution and currently they are only focussing on one part of the whole equation,(carbon) strangely enough(sic) this focus has the agenda of moving wealth around.

If you cannot identify this as part of the strategy of the creation of the proletariat then you should rather leave blogs such as this one and rather buy a Huisgenoot.

Wealth will be transferred from the MIDDLE class....., LISTEN UP wealth will be transferred from the TAX PAYING MIDDLE CLASS to the poor, not from the elite.

This is not a wealth creation scheme, because we all know that you cannot create wealth by taking from the haves and giving to the have nots.

The only reason is the creation of the proletariat.
Classless, faceless sheeple.


Anonymous said...

Guys we seriously need to wake up and realise that we are involved in a struggle for our survival.

The world economic crises was set up intentionally.

Watch this video and see how the Democrats under the Clinton administration passed legislation that forced the banks to lend to the non-credit worthy poor. The video shows Clinton proudly signing these bills.

Also in this video 3min50sec watch an arrogant YOUNG OBAMA, working for Acorn, as he gloats about having succesfully taken to court large banks, forcing them to loan money to the non-credit worthy poor.

It is a classic set up.

The banks were set up.
The derivative trading was done on purpose.
They were pushed.

How, you ask????

Just before the financial crises broke their was a 660 Billion dollar electronic run on the banks.

I had a You Tube video in my possession where the interviewee admits to this.
This video has since been deleted.

All this was done to bring the US to it's knees. They are so deeply in debt that their is almost no way out for them. The final coup de grace would have been the Copenhagen treaty, whereby the last of their wealth would have been transferred.

But the people are catching on and whether this is a good thing remains to be seen, because normally if all alternatives fail the only avenue that remains open is war.

FishEagle said...

Had the conservatives not simply denied this problem of global climate change, they could have had a greater influence in the way the problem is being addressed. While the conspiracy theorists were trying so hard not to be done in by others, they did more damage to their own cause than anyone else did. Go figure. It may not be too late though. There is no treaty in place yet.

We need to reduce carbon emissions. We don't need a global governing body, reparations to others or any other rubbish like that. Don't f*ck around while Rome is burning.

Anonymous said...

IMHO Climate Change is indeed VERY real. The actual cause is debatable.

Human economic and industrial endeavor is a minuscule blip in the global scheme of things, and I doubt there is anything we can effectively do to arrest or slow down climate change.

One good volcanic eruption spews quantities of carbon and greenhouse gas into the atmosphere that would give the most hardened industrialist a wet dream. There has been a lot more volcanic activity around the globe in the last 50 years than for a VERY long time.

Nothing we can do there.

Sunspot activity has come out of a period of very high activity and the global temperatures generally rise a few years after the cycle. We are also getting a lot more radiation thanks to the slow stripping of the electromagnetic field.

Nothing we can do there.

The earth has always been in constant flux. Areas that are now deserts used to be fertile. Rain forests used to be deserts. Etc. etc. etc.

I think we give ourselves too much credit for a phenomenon we can only observe. I have yet to find a cogent explanation that makes sense. While blaming man and his activities for the "global warming" strokes our egos, I think there are planetary forces at work creating this change that are so W-A-A-A-Y beyond our control that calling for emissions reductions is akin to pissing into the hurricane.

The "man made global warming" myth needs to be carefully examined. The sensitivity of the planet to change also need to be examined. There are a lot of accusations flying around regarding this issue, but very little substance.

At its core this is how it goes: "Global temperatures are rising - man must be responsible".

Bollocks!!! Prove it. I want numbers. Hard facts. Not some "climate change" model. Not some massaged study to fit the prevailing world view. That used to be that the world was flat. Popular but untrue.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:43, good points but ask yourself this. What if you are wrong? What if we do bring about change, like you say, that we cannot control.

What if sunspot and other events were happening which the earth could absorb normally but unlike the previous times, six billion highly polluting beings have come on the scene to throw the balance off?

What if we induce a new little Ice Age which incidentally happened in the last millennia and led to untold suffering to humanity?

What if we do induce a full blown Ice Age?

What if you are wrong? How do we fix it? At what point do we say climate change is real?

Can South Africa, Zimbabwe, be fixed? People predicted SA, Zim would fail, others said no way, but they have, so now what?

We DO have to give ourselves a lot more credit for the damage we ARE inflicting on the planet.

FishEagle said...

@ Dobes, very well said.

@ Anon 5.43. I seriously doubt you've spent any time in the outdoors. By 'spending time in the outdoors' I don't mean enjoying the view of a sunset from the comfort of a bar. Have you ever been hunting or fishing, which requires a person to really connect with nature? Do you know what it feels like knowing that living organisms (entire species) are disappearing right before your eyes in your life time? It may have very little to do with global warming but that's also just supposedly a myth, I am told by some people. They believe the earth can still support a lot MORE people. The irony is that these people are the ones that have spent the least amount of time in the natural environment.

I completely agree with Doberman - consider the consequences if you are wrong! There is data available about the changes that we've seen taking place in the climate and the predictions that were made using models are not only coming true, it seems that they were conservative in their estimates.

Anonymous said...

@ Dobes...

Point taken. Maybe we should do more. I am concerned that everything we should be doing "more" of is extremely expensive, and the benefits minuscule, some only materializing in decades. I think that the global warming alarmist agenda is to bankrupt the west and set the stage for the BIG bailout by the one-world government. The fact that they are turning a clear and present threat into an alarming disaster scares me.

Personally I drive a 1300cc car, have home made solar heating for hot water, use low watt CF bulbs and only run the pool for as long as it takes to vacuum it by hand. This mainly due to the expense of electricity (and maybe the DIRTY coal we burn in SA) although power stations like Lethabo in Vereeniging and Kendal in Mpumalanga use pulverised coal dust which is a lot more efficient. The dust basicall "explodes" to heat the steam. This allows you to use a lower grade of coal for the same pollution penalties.

@ Bird Man...

Point taken. Actually I spend a hell of a lot of time outdoors. I walk and cycle almost every weekend with the family and I hunt year round on exempt and friends farms (not for the last six weeks though - the deep freeze is FULL). I have noticed that there seems to be a lot more "glare" to the atmosphere than a decade or so ago.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:08, you are correct of course, there are interest groups on both sides of the spectrum hurling 'facts' at each other which confuses us in the middle. We must do something but what is that something? If we leave it to the left, we'll be peddling bicycles in no time. We must somehow involve ourselves in the process and try to influence decisions the govts WILL take. How to do that is the question.

FishEagle said...

@Anon 5.08. Then I made the wrong assumption. I'm sorry.

P.S. I'm a woman. No offense taken.

FishEagle said...

@ Dobes, this is the ideal opportunity to raise the issue of over population and socialism's role in the world's problem of over population.

Conservatives should enter the debate on those grounds. Developing AND developed countries should adapt their life-styles to be more eco-friendly. Also, developing countries need to reduce their birth rates. There must be no more hand outs from developed countries if we can't do that. Instead those hand outs should be used to improve clean energy technology.

Viking said...

all handouts or other aid should be dependent on getting the birthrates in developing countries down to acceptable levels.