Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Marxist boss salary doubled

This marxist troupe (they are theatrical) fails to see the irony of paying its massa an exorbitant salary while preaching the evils of capitalism. These people really have no shame. A 100% increase for the boss, 15% for the plebs who put him there, too dumb to know they are being shafted with the pointy end of the sickle. Viva cosatu, viva communism!

Is Vavi angling for top spot?
- Vavi, the energetic secretary-general of trades unions federation Cosatu, might well be positioning himself for the leadership role after Zuma.
Viva Communism Comrade Blade! Viva BMW!
Commies in Beemers
Blade's BMW 730i and the struggle against corruption

Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi has admitted that his salary had doubled this year, while the wages of Cosatu's "lower" staff had gone up by only 15 percent.

Vavi told The Star yesterday that his salary had risen to R500 000 a year in January, or R42 000 a month, after earning half of that "all my life". Vavi became general secretary 10 years ago.

Cosatu gets its funding from membership fees
Cosatu administrators and researchers earned about R7 000 a month, while security guards got just under R4 000, a Cosatu source said.

Their increases were above inflation and just a little above the increases that unions in the civil service negotiated for their members this year.

Vavi said the salary adjustments, which included those of policy experts, were done to retain staff and to make their remuneration more competitive, although it still ranked well below salaries in NGOs and Cosatu's affiliates.

He also joked that he could have earned much more if he had moved to another position.

"If I had agreed to be a minister, I would be earning R1.2 million now," he said, a tacit reference to his refusal to be on the ANC's parliamentary list during the elections. He added that the federation had to retain quality staff.

"My salary doubled because we were losing all the policy capacity in the federation. The economists and accountants were all gone, because if you keep the salary at R250 000, it means the economists can't make those sacrifices for years and years. They lose out," Vavi said.

Cosatu's central executive committee set up a commission last year and decided that salary adjustments were necessary across the board.

Several staff members in "economic" positions, who were advising on policy, got a 100 percent increase, he said. Vavi said all the salary increases were being funded by the federation itself.

"We are completely self-sufficient and we don't get a cent from anywhere. That is why we can speak loudly and independently," he said. Cosatu gets its funding from membership fees, donations and investments.

However, in its financial report in September, the federation berated some of its affiliates for failing to contribute to Cosatu's finances.

It also cited high levels of debt and defaulting tenants at its building in Braamfontein, Joburg, as affecting its operations. - IOL

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Anonymous said...

Yup - sounds just about right for these thieves and smooth talkers. I'm sure he earns way more but he's just glad they haven't found out yet...