Sunday, November 22, 2009

Male Oppression

About time we broached a subject to encourage some stern debate. Actually a coincidence though, because I was thinking about how to create awareness of the issue of male oppression.

It is very real, and very relevant to the demise of the western world.

Feminists, like liberals, tend to view the issue through one lens; namely that men that seek to defend their rights, are somehow wanting to entrench male superiority or dominance.

This is utter bullshit, and is tantamount to the liberals screaming white supremacy every time we want to discuss matters of race.

Ask any divorced man, if he thinks the system is equitable. If he is honest, the answer has to be no. The pride of being a western male, is similar to that of being white; it is taboo. Today it is better to be an emasculated excuse of a male, that can cry on cue, instead of an alpha male of old.

For example, breast cancer. It gets promoted extensively by many interest groups, and rightly so. The incidence rate is 117 per 100,000, in the USA.

But did you know that prostate cancer has an incidence rate of 125 per 100,000, in the USA? And it gets nowhere near the same promotion as breast cancer. Little wonder women have a higher life expectancy.

I recently read an article that more than 50% of the US workforce are now women, and that women are becoming better educated and remunerated than men. The same article suggests that men have lost their way, and need to get their act together.

"No matter how much education and retraining we offer, we are not going to transform [male] factory workers and high-school dropouts into customer-care representatives or nurses' aides any time soon. It's their wives and daughters who will get those jobs." - Margaret Wente

FFS if we get our act together, we are over-represented male chauvinists, and if we falter, we are losers. Recently a fellow blogger attended a jobs summit. Guess what? White male immigrants struggle to get employed. It is not unusual to find the female partners providing for the household. Think what this does to the male esteem, when he is blocked from the workplace for simply being a white male. What do you think the ubiquitous "We are an equal opportunity employer" means? Pure and simple, we do not employ white males.

I was surprised to read that male advocacy groups have a powerful voice, I would beg to differ. I don't think men have a voice at all.

Now I am not suggesting that women return to the kitchen, as some rabid feminists would want to suggest. I am advocating that men be recognised as a distinct group with distinct needs, and that women stop brow beating, publicly belittling and berating their men. White men have a lot to be proud of, and should be allowed to celebrate their maleness, in the company of other males, without the fear of persecution.

Women are partly to blame for why the west is in decline. Militant feminists weren't satisfied to just stop at earning the right to vote, as well as receive equal recognition in all areas of public life. No, now we have campaigns, such as "Report domestic violence", which invariably show a battered woman, despite the evidence that is beginning to emerge, that men are equally as battered. But we don't hear about that. Another one, is paedophilia. It gets promoted as a male phenomenon, which belies the truth and a more balanced perspective.

"As endangered species go, this one is especially alarming: so rare has the male primary school teacher become that one in ten schools has none at all." - Carol Sarler

As they say in the classics, be careful what you wish for, you may just get it. A world where white males are incapable of defending their world, and their women wonder what the fuck went wrong.

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Viking said...

Great post, VI.

I've recently had some arguments with feminists over why they seem so silent when it comes to Islam. Surprise surprise, the movement in Britain take its stand on the left and is pro-immigration, exposing them for their real motivation.

A good example is illustrated by Amber Pawlik:

Ironically, most of the truly strong, formidable women are Conservative women. One such is Red Squirrel who blogs here:

As well as the excellent Pamela Geller and Ilana Mercer

It was Mercer who said, if women were earning 78% of what men were, for doing the same job, wouldn't they have priced themselves out of the market already?

When it comes to the crunch, Feminists will side with Leftist orthodoxy over the rights of women every time.

They betray their own ideals when they identify the "Patriarchy" as a WHITE male phenomenon, despite the fact that white males treat women better than in most other cultures. They frequently put racism and sexism in the same sentence, and this exposes their real anti-Western bias.

The Amber Pawlik article is really worth reading.

Anonymous said...

It form part of the bigger picture which is to subvert the Western white nations by any possible means.

Destroying the cohesive bonds of the family is an excellent place to start.

Anonymous said...

Alpha bitch to oppressed male: If you do that again, I'll hit you.

Oppressed male to alpha bitch: If you hit me again, I'll call the police.

Alpha bitch to oppressed male: By then it'll be too late.

But seriously, white males were worshipped in South Africa under apartheid. White females are currently also oppressed by reverse racism after enduring a raw deal under apartheid.

FishEagle said...

Grrrr...this is a very difficult subject for me, upon further reflection. I've deleted my two previous comments already. I guess it boils down to this - men's leadership role in the family has been eroded away. What's great about the Western society is that the balance of power in a relationship between a man and woman depends on individual couples. Some women have not been able to cope with this responsibility though, being part of the weaker sex. I am a rape survivor and I have experienced the wrath of a male first hand, so I can understand it, to a large extent. But when women turn to one another for support and demand rights from society, it WILL be at the expense of males. I'm still ok with that too. I have a problem when these women lose perspective of their own, individual circumstances and when they no longer relate their actions to their own individual circumstances. The result has been a bizarre war on males, as a collective. It even fuels the discontent that drove women to seek comfort from one another in the first place and exasperates the continuing cycle of disrespect between the sexes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't that white guy the same one in the ad about not your paying your TV licence? The one with the black females sniggering at him for standing there in his underpants.

(I haven't paid for a TV licence despite being harassed by a variety of the SABC's clueless lawyers. And I'm female, so there you go, you sniggering black females.)

AWB said...

We've come to a serious pass when the AWB are embarrassed about being confused with a movement called the Alpha White Bitches.

Anonymous said...

My sentiments 100%. I have two sisters and a mother that suffered domestic abuse along with me so I have that perspective in lumps. Women need protection but it cannot come at the expense of others.

It has been proven that divorce rates increased even where the woman is the instigator because she knows invariably the courts favoured her taking most of the assets and nearly always the kids.

But in some countries this is changing. The value of the father is being understood. In the last decade Australia changed its laws to where the father has an equal chance of getting custody and the assets and even being supported by the spouse and to top it off, if he doesn't get custody, he has the right to demand access to the children to the point where she is not permitted to move away from the town where he resides. It is no surprise then that divorce rates are falling.

Feminism went from equal rights for women to unfair victimisation of men and that is a pity because once again something that began out noble has been twisted into something ugly.

The Rooster said...

Excellent article and for once we agree with each other.

Viking said...

In Sweden they have metrosexualised and emasculated their men to such an extent that their women aren't interested in them anymore - favouring the Islamic immigrants instead!

bizarre ...

FishEagle said...

@ Viking & Co. Please don't EVER let us women down like that!!! Ever! Ya hear. Lol.

@ Rooster, oh wow. There was nothing special about this day until I saw your approval on this blog.....not!

Exzanian said...

Luckily I have a map to the kitchen (on weekends especially) This map includes a tortuous detour to a place called "The Sink"
I have largely managed to navigate my way around that foreign place, but I am still getting lost on that spot named "Garbage disposal"...AKA here there be dragons!

Anonymous said...

@Viking. Dude, I was just about to say. Our women don't even find us appealing anymore. Recently I was entertaining a Canadian couple, and we were playing a board game (the kind of shit they do here, instead of drink excessively and talk shit).

Anyway, this game was similar to truth or dare. A card was drawn, and the question was "If you could change anything about your childhood what would it be?" The Canadian replied, "If my parents could acknowledge my feelings more", and then started to cry.

Well blow me (which isn't what I said to his wife), but I was dumbstruck. I must be intimacy disabled or something, because I remained unmoved.

FishEagle said...

VI, a man that shows his emotions is SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's not emasculated. But if all you feel is cocky, then that's ok too. Ha ha

FishEagle said...

VI, well, it's not sexy that he was crying but if you had shown some compassion then that would have been sexy.

You are too cocky sometimes.

Viking said...


that's not very nice!
I can't believe someone would burst into tears like that in company. what a pu**y. Save it for the psychiatrist's office.

The only time it's ok for a man to cry is
1. When your dog dies.
2. At the end of Rambo IV when Rambo lays into the bad guys and the British guy is picking them off with the sniper rifle. great cinema...

FishEagle said...

@ Viking. No seriously, if I have one really big issue with men it's that they generally think that being emotional is weak. When I give this critism I'm not being oppressive towards males. To the contrary.

FishEagle said...

And besides, if VI is offended by my mild critism then he's the pussy.

Viking said...

yes, but there's a time and a place.....

FishEagle said...


Anonymous said...

@FE. I didn't feel the need to respond, since Viking already covered when it's okay to be emotional. Besides, I do get emotional in the bedroom, as I see smokey mountain approaching.

FishEagle said...

@VI. I'm just going to move off this one cause I have to pick my battles. If I offended you, I'm sorry.