Thursday, November 05, 2009

Lying Leonard suspended

'Bout time. This whole saga is such an embarrassment. I believe the ANC doesn't give a crap really after the way it attacked everybody and supported this tool but it's us ordinary South Africans who have to live with the shame. This suspension would not have happened without the international IOC putting pressure on the ANC. I guess WWIII fizzled out before it got started. I wonder what Houtkop Malema will have to say now.

South Africa's Olympic governing body, Sascoc, acted on calls from the government and the ANC to discipline the board, and particularly Chuene.

After weeks of denials, the ASA boss admitted at a heated press conference on September 19 that he was fully aware there were questions about Semenya's gender.

He also admitted that he knew gender tests were performed on her on August 7 in Pretoria - a week before Semenya won gold in Berlin - and that he was advised by team doctor Harold Adams to withdraw her before the 800m final.

Chuene's suspension comes just a week after the ANC said he must publicly apologise to the athlete, President Jacob Zuma and the nation.

The Times has learnt that ANC insiders considered Chuene and the board's lies to the president as the final straw. And that came to fruition.

At around midday, ASA issued an "unconditional" apology to the nation, Semenya and Zuma "for the handling of her gender verification processes and the subsequent aftermath" - but it was too little too late.

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Anonymous said...

Where's Julius and his apology to the whites for slandering them? And where's Winnie the Pooh??