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Knoxville Hate Criminal Murder Rapist Sentenced to Death

Another chapter in the Knoxville double rape-murder.

One Knoxville Horror Perp Sentenced To Death—But The Time-Bomb Is Ticking

By Nicholas Stix

In the second Knoxville Horror murder trial, only one penalty could spell justice for the victims of Lemaricus Davidson, the man who with an indeterminate number of accomplices carjacked, kidnapped, gang-raped, beat, sexually tortured and murdered Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23: Death.

And death was indeed the sentence finally meted out to Davidson on Friday afternoon, by seven male and five female jurors.

Two days earlier, the jury had convicted Davidson on 35 out of 38 state felony charges.

The trial was a defeat for Knox County Criminal Court Judge Richard H. Baumgartner, who had again sought to subvert justice and save Davidson from the executioner’s needle, as he had earlier saved Davidson’s convicted accomplice and half-brother, Letalvis Cobbins.

In Cobbins’ August trial, Judge Baumgartner had abused the jury selection process, in order to rig the sentencing options. Although the victims were both white, and the assailants had committed the atrocity in a jurisdiction that is 88 percent white and only 8.8 percent black, Baumgartner went to 27.5 percent black Davidson County, to fetch a majority-black jury, which he bused in to Knox County. That jury convicted Cobbins of 33 out of 38 felony charges, but sentenced him only to “life without parole”.

In Gomer Pyle’s immortal words, Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

But in Davidson’s trial, Judge Baumgartner was confounded by the defendant himself, who insisted on being tried before a Knox County jury. (Davidson's defense attorneys wouldn't say why.)Hence, only one juror was black.

But the judge had a last trick left up his sleeve.

Baumgartner made “Knox County judicial history”, in the words of Knoxville News Sentinel reporter Jamie Satterfield, when he instructed the jury that it is more expensive to execute a prisoner than to keep him in jail for life. (Reporter Satterfield noted that the very study [PDF] Baumgartner had cited showed that an execution in fact saves taxpayers $770,000 over a life sentence without parole.)

That a death penalty-eligible prosecution is more expensive than one in which the worst potential sentence is life without parole is no secret in the Volunteer State. Tennessee law decrees that each defendant have not one but two death penalty-certified defense attorneys, and that there be an automatic appeal in the event of a death sentence.

But the key to the sentence in each trial, as Judge Baumgartner well knew, was the racial composition of the jury. A substantial proportion of blacks refuse, out of racial loyalty, to condemn a black convicted of capital murder to death, the statute be damned. Thus, Baumgartner’s failure to racially stack the Davidson jury determined the outcome, and Davidson was sentenced to death.

Davidson’s lawyers, David Eldridge and Doug Trant, in seeking to either get him off altogether or at least save his neck, trod three separate paths in diversity law.

Read the rest of the report at VDARE.

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