Wednesday, November 25, 2009

JZ must take hard line against Malema

My guess is folks like Trapido are beginning to understand that the black racism espoused by the ANC is a danger to the so-called rainbow nation which to me consists of just two colours again, black and white. I know that somewhere, somehow an angel gets its wings every time a liberal begins to see reality. MT, I think is still a long way from getting there but he has put one foot forward.

Unfortunately from where I’m standing right now it seems that black racism is not considered racism at all

By Michael Trapido

“The Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA) wants to talk to the ANC Youth League about its president Julius Malema’s insults against South African Communist Party general secretary Jeremy Cronin.

It was ‘disgusted’ at the insults against Cronin, who is also the deputy minister of Transport, YCLSA spokeswoman Gugu Ndima said in a statement.

In his attack on Cronin, Malema said the ANCYL did not ‘need the permission of white political messiahs to think’.

This, after Cronin published an article criticising Malema’s call to nationalise mines.

Ndima said: ‘The YCLSA believes that Malema has sunk to the lowest ebb of being racist and hurling insults, instead of engaging with profound debates that Cronin was raising.’

We view the labelling of Cronin as a ‘white messiah’ not only as racist, but as an insult to the principle and ideology of the national liberation movement, that of non-racism.” (Richmark Sentinel)

Unfortunately this theme of racism is being encountered far too frequently in the new South Africa. More often than not it has become black attacks on whites.

If it’s not the sports ministers calling whites and Indians incompetent it’s the ANCYL with Malema becoming a serial offender.

We could go on all day with the BMF, the Black Lawyers Association and even the Cope youth leader, Ms Mda, openly slating whites.

Of course they have the example of Zimbabwe that great bastion of human rights and economic disaster to draw on. One look at that country and 199 out of 200 countries would run the opposite way — we are the other 1.

In 1994 the ANC and Madiba ushered in a new non-racial era where racism was to be considered the ultimate sin.

Unfortunately from where I’m standing right now it seems that black racism is not considered racism at all :

Dictionary — “Racism : noun ; discriminatory or abusive behaviour towards members of another race”.

Accordingly unless someone creates a new “only for blacks” dictionary the term means discrimination towards any other race by a race.

If this sorry state of affairs is going to be allowed to continue two major downsides will become apparent sooner rather than later.

Firstly whites will vote with their feet and leave in droves. This may amuse some now, but the economic impact that will have will soon wipe the smiles off those faces.
["will"? FYI but whites have been "leaving in droves", over one million, some of the brightest and best we had since 1994. You're only noticing it now?]

Secondly those that remain will start to consider separatism — currently the preserve of the lunatics — as something far more mainstream. I mean what are the chances that this army won’t be on strike if the day dawns.

The time has come for the president and his cabinet as well as the party to clamp down hard on this unnecessary evil.

The fact that the World Cup will be here next year makes it an embarrassing, enduring and ugly feature of our country — possibly soon to be highlighted globally.

Let’s face it until we started performing the Canadians actually believed that South Africa was a place from where whites had to flee and seek asylum.

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Trapido is a ANC voter. Enough said.