Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is “White Power” Somehow Uniquely Evil?

Lemme see, these are racist, bad, evil, not politically correct, naughty, nah ah not good...

However, these are just "beautiful expressions of ethnic solidarity".

See the difference? No? You racist you.

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Anonymous said...

SAsucks comment
Can you please place this comment here, it is intended for UG.
Thanks also for this site which is the other top SA site telling the truth in a somewhat more moderate tone.

SAsucks comment which I could not place on ZAsucks anymore:
To UG:
Sad to see it end this way but thank you so much for the great work you have done.
Your family is your priority and I sincerely hope that the traitors and their regime will leave you alone.
There will be others to take over but yours was the best, judging by the number of hits and also the number of times in the past where they tried to shut you down.
I am one of the lucky one’s to have left the country some years ago and here in Europe I will carry on spreading the word about what SA has become and will warn anyone wanting to visit SA at this stage.
The information on your site has helped some of my loved one´s to see the real SA and most of them have left and others will follow.
You have put your family at risk to save mine and many others that have left.
Thank you, Baie Dankie, Vielen Dank!
Good luck to you and yours!
Thanks to you and all other bloggers for telling the truth. Wishing you all the best.