Thursday, November 05, 2009

Is this not exactly what we have been saying for 2 years?

Even before the world cup was awarded to South Africa we could do the maths. Fewer than 1 000 fans watched Ajax and Santos play recently at the old Green Point Stadium. How is it possible that these experts only realize this now?

This was never seen as an investment in our future but rather an opportunity for the ANC elite to show of their self importance whilst rubbing shoulders with world leaders.

The ANC's 2 week bragging rights will be an unfordable burden for the South African taxpayers for years to come.

30 000 relatively wealthy spectators a week, every week for nine months of the year.
That's the crowd each of the country's newly-built stadiums has to attract to be self-sustainable after next year's World Cup, says Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry executive Albert Schuitmaker.

Schuitmaker says it is unlikely that the vast investment in World Cup stadiums will ever produce acceptable returns. "It has not done so in many countries which have hosted World Cups and Olympic Games. Indeed some stadiums have been demolished soon after the event."

Schuitmaker said stadiums only pay for themselves in situations where they bring in crowds of 30 000 affluent supporters a week, every week for nine months of the year, and where they are subsidised by commercial developments under the grandstands.

3 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Hua! So when people are dying from starvation and have no jobs or they can look at the new stadia as beacons of hope! That's not a white elephant - it's "how to fleece your tax payers 101".

Anonymous said...

At least they will make for great squatter settlements of the future.

h said...

They are gonna be used for the prawns, once they get stranded over Joburg in their ship.