Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The idiot lane?

Dear Editor,

I leave my home at 06:00 every morning travelling from Midrand to Edenvale. I use the New Road onramp and use to spend about 20 minutes waiting my turn to join the N1. Lately I wait between 30 and 40 minutes to get onto the highway and it's all because of the A-holes barrelling down the emergency lane to then force their way into the lane at the end. It started out as just a few idiots, then it became a trickle and now it's a flood.

Who are you people that you think you are more important than the rest of us? You suffer from serious self-discipline issues and a total lack of respect for others. Your mother should be ashamed of the job she did educating you, because I would never be able to act like you do in public.

"No one rain drop thinks it's responsible for the flood..." Can you imagine what our roads would look like if we all just disregarded the road rules? Where are the Metro cops when this happens? It is because of the complete lack of enforcement that these idiots can't seem to control themselves. Road rage incidents are inevitable! Can't we use our cellphones to video these people and send it somewhere for fines to be generated? I have quite a few to start with.

I am also utterly perplexed by the lack of action from the docile sheep sitting sweetly in the lanes while the low-lives of society bully us like this. Then there are the few oxygen thieves who even make space for them to come back into the lane way at the front. Are you mad? You're not being nice, you are encouraging this behaviour! Why do we let them bully us like this? Are you scared of retaliation? Where's your spine man?

I was inspired last week by a man who planted his car squarely in the middle of the emergency lane while holding his position in the queue. I even moved out of my lane to indicate my support, but no one else did. This guy saved me 15 minutes that morning by heading off the culprits.

I've now started doing it as well. It makes a tremendous difference to travelling time but I can't believe the lack of support from my fellow sheep. When I got to the front and wanted to join the lane again the lady, whom I've been driving next to for the last 15 minutes, ignored me like I was invisible. I just want to send a heartfelt thank you to her for this. I saved you about 15 minutes that morning. The guy behind her was one of the irate ones I headed off so no luck there. So I dropped back two cars to find an entry spot. Nice.

I did it again this morning, but now they travel around me, driving through the water ditch. They have such entitlement issues that they actually get mad at me for obstructing their personal lanes. I would hang my head in shame if I were you.

I call on the respectful road users to stop acting like docile sheep. Rise up! Your inaction is interpreted as acceptance.


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Anonymous said...

That happens in the U.S. - I have blocked part on the emergency lane to keep these idiots from passing me.

The kaffirs do not want to obey the laws - they consider the law as being created by the "white man", and you all know is that you can take the kaffir out of the jungle, but you can not take the jungle out of the kaffir!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for off top

Rissik Street Post Office burned down: