Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Gravy Express refuels

No wonder we have no money for doctors, police, hospitals, roads, schools, etc, the zots at the top are too busy blowing it on themselves with bullshit cars, planes, functions and parties! Lots of parties and any excuse for a shindig cuz the taxpayer's payin'. Hee haa!

Dunno about you but I'm getting seriously the moer in. They have 'conferences' to give the illusion that they are
wekking. Then the fact that most of the attendees are also your garden-variety nosepickers makes it worse. They could have filled the rooms with chimps and got better results.

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SIU head testifies to parliament about tender rigging in correctional services. A correctional services official received a house, cars, an overseas trip for his daughter and Blue Bulls season tickets in exchange for awarding tenders, Parliamentarians heard on Tuesday.

Department of Public Service and Administration blows R54 mil on conferences, R23,9m on a SINGLE conference on, get this... "fighting corruption".

A response to a Democratic Alliance (DA) parliamentary question has revealed that the Department of Public Service and Administration spent R54 million on 22 conferences during the period 1 January 2006 to 30 September 2009.

A total of 11 645 guests attended 21 of the conferences at an average cost per head of R4 626. At the far end of the spectrum, the most expensive event (Global Forum V Fighting Corruption and Safeguarding Integrity) cost R23.9 million, for just 850 guests. The average cost per head in the case ballooned to a staggering R28,118.

A breakdown of the cost for the Global Forum suggests that the bulk of the money spent on this event was misallocated in a grossly inappropriate manner. For example - the R23.9 million include a R2 million "cocktail and gala function", R2.8 million paid to an events coordinator and R8.7 million spent on flights. The conference venue alone cost R1.8 million.

These sorts of extravagant extras are reflected in many of the other conferences, for example the various "Annual Service Delivery Learning Academies" spent R33 000, R21 000 and R56 000 on promotional gifts alone.

This excessive expenditure appears to have very little merit. Money that should be spent on service delivery is being used by the ANC government to provide expensive platforms for people to ostensibly plan about how to improve South Africa's democracy, but in reality deliver nothing more than a massive bill to the South African public and a long list of self indulgent costs, which will now only serve to further damage the government's reputation.

But that's not all. The reply also sets out a further R4 million spent on annual functions. The bulk of which is made up of a R3 million Public Service Week function, held in June 2006, which included
a whopping R2.7 million spent on satellite connectivity, presumably so those members of the department not able to attend the event, could tune in via TV and join in the festivities.

This question is one of a series of generic questions the DA has put to every national department and if this reply is anything to go by the national administration is spending a huge amount of public money on events which make little difference to people's lives.

The ministerial task team established by cabinet to "scrutinise public expenditure trends and propose cost-cutting measures" should focus on putting measures in place to curb this type of gross wastefulness within government departments. Solutions are not difficult to come by. Government should produce a pro forma template which addresses the core needs of any conference or function and any expenditure outside of this should be separately motivated for in a letter to the Director General.

The DA will be asking a series of follow up questions to the minister to interrogate these costs and to get a full explanation as to their justification.

Statement issued by Lindiwe Mazibuko, MP, Democratic Alliance national spokesperson.

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The only way to stop this rot is the John Galt option as described in Atlas Shrugged. Get out and do not contribute with your efforts to sustain this looters.

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Choo choo....